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The Horror: Media Says This Summer is a Great Example of Global Warming

Recovered Lib Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 8:29 PM
One of my Facebook friends (whom Ive known since high school) posted a link that declared: "Fifty Years From Now, The Oceans Will Look Nothing Like They Do Today." Oh brother! You just can't change STUPID!!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife: it's global warming, y'all.

So says the Associated Press, which has an absurdly self-contradictory scare piece out about how the weather we're seeing is what global warming looks like. Yes. You read that right: global warming. Not climate change. I know, I'm confused, too.

If you want a glimpse of some of the worst of global warming, scientists suggest taking a look at U.S. weather in recent weeks.

Horrendous wildfires. Oppressive heat waves. Devastating droughts. Flooding from giant deluges. And a powerful freak wind storm called a derecho.