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Obama’s Success: The Poor Get Poorer, And The Rich Get Poorer

Recovered Lib Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 4:56 PM
Good post, Dan, and I pray you are right about taking back the Senate. Anything to stop this thug in the WH.

President Barack Obama wants your money now. Like, right now.

Talking Points Memo has the details … breathlessly:

“A new provision in Obama’s budget ‘[e]nds a loophole that lets wealthy individuals circumvent contribution limits and [ac]cumulate millions in tax-preferred retirement accounts,’” Talking Points Memo wrote, quoting a budget summary released by the White House, which will reveal its new budget Wednesday.

I can’t wait!

OK, so basically, the guy chronically incapable of self-restraint when it comes to federal spending is going after people who save money for retirement by imposing a caps on IRAs. His argument...