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That's liberal "logic" for you.
LOL! Good one. I needed a laugh today.
Tragically, there are far too many useful idiots in this nation who are "deaf, blind and stupid." The proof is in the fact that BO "won" two elections and a lot of other assorted leftist "leaders" won re-election. This country is going straight to Hell.
"...What is the last straw?" I keep asking myself that same question. Who knows, but there WILL be a "last straw."
Yep. We must NEVER yield and surrender our right to own firearms.
TRUTH! It can never be said enough: We must NEVER EVER EVER relinquish our firearms. EVER.
That's a good question. Do we (state and local officials and its citizens) have the courage to do what MUST be done to reign in this tyrannical government? God help us.
I like "Look jeer" better. :-)
You beat me to it, Dave.
I sure hope the citizens of Colorado kick this SOB OUT in November. These slimebag politicians (that's being redundant, I know) need to know when they pull these stunts that they will be FIRED.
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