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City Leaders Object to Church’s Cross

ReconFAC Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 12:00 PM
Best compromise = hold a town-wide referendum to change the "law" (probably a simple local ordinance). Why is everyone acting like that law/ordinance/statute is etched in granite and immutable?
Agree in spades (oh, gee, I do hope that wasn't offensive), @GhostofPatrickHenry. All that Sen. Akin did was re-open a familiar old can of worms, on two fronts: 1) that all "rapes" aren't really rapes, and: 2) that medical science has long affirmed that the prospect of pregnancy from forcible rape is at FAR lower odds than consensual lovemaking. Agreed, he said it clumsily, but not so clumsy as to be crucified for it. But the most disturbing thing about Mr. Prager's essay is the patently RINO knee-jerk surrender to the liberal-left's effeminate screech when someone dares express notions that stray from what they insist, by screech-power alone, is the neo-orthodoxy regarding human life. This is WAR, Dennis. RTLers don't shoot our wounded.
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