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It's not complicated, and Doug alluded to it without spelling it out in detail -- but I will. The psychological syndrome that is key and answer to the headline question is that those character types identified in the headline are sniveling chickenshits. Might as well ask why the baboon will pester the monkey for its possessions, but not the lion. I wouldn't attribute chickenshittedness to the baboon on that discretion regarding the lion, but I would ascribe the same sense of self-preservation to the characters of the headline question. Maybe it's just that I have more respect for baboons.
Oh, there's PLENTY wrong about being Muslim, dear beheader-apologist. When the world sees Muslims IN FORCE rallying against the Muslims who are perpetrating all the heinous crimes against humanity, then and only then will a distinction be made between "good" Muslims and Muslims who just need killin'. Your citing Christian Bible tenets out of context notwithstanding, there is absolutely nothing un-Christian about hating the sin but loving the sinner. And if that sinner (Muslim) is hell bent on killing this Christian, this Christian will kill him/her in self-defense. Again, your flimsy (or purposefully perverted) grasp of Christian doctrine is fooling no one.
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City Leaders Object to Church’s Cross

ReconFAC Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 12:00 PM
Best compromise = hold a town-wide referendum to change the "law" (probably a simple local ordinance). Why is everyone acting like that law/ordinance/statute is etched in granite and immutable?
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