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Give Em 'L', Mitt!

ReCon-USMC Wrote: May 01, 2012 10:57 AM
You well know those Voting for major cuts in spending , those congressman are toast in the next election . Sadly far too many American's in the last 40 years are takers not Producers . While those who pay little in taxes complain about those they think don't pay enough in taxes ....To give them more Freebies . Obama understands is buying and owns their 51 % vote sadly . Look what happened to Paul Ryan very small cuts in spending ... he was "Hung " by the left and Media . While few Repub.s backed him up .

In the 1993 movie "Dave" the faux president (played by Kevin Kline) calls in his best friend (played by Charles Grodin) and they stay up all night balancing the federal budget, not by raising taxes, but by cutting unnecessary and wasteful spending.

If only it were that easy.

Most presidents have talked about cutting spending, but few succeed because Congress holds the power of the purse and is reluctant to give it up.

There have been serious and not so serious attempts to reduce government spending, from Ronald Reagan's Grace Commission to something called OMB Circular A-76, a memo from the...