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I am sure it is by accident the strange exact timing because he wants to spend time with his family dog.. wait he has no dog !
One easily suspects if the entire fast and furious Deep throat Emails is 90 % laid out Holder will get prison time and may just Rat on Obama to save his own butt ......And then there IRS Lois Leader waiting in the wings who could rat as well to save her own butt . leading to Obama resigning himself or being Impeached . This is far bigger than Water Gate and I did not sleep with what is her name
Ms Kelly well knows if she moves to the center and at selected times and left . She can double her Viewing Audience . At CNN,MSNBC ,PBS , CSNBC and Bloomberg talk shows expense . That is where the Bill O Big money lies .We here Bill O gets 20-21 Million a year since he is number One by far on cable . She the last 2 months has become quite Arrogant and totally obnoxious all too often . Cutting people off to make her own long speech ?
A Solid easy to prove Fact .The Media or Black Leaders want ever mention . Since Obama has become the worst president in America History . In his 5 years 8 months in Office . There have been over 27,000 Black Murders .94.1 % were Black on Black Murders . Th same 94 % applies for Hundreds of Thousands of Black gang Rapes ,Home break-ins and Street Mugging and Black gangs and Drug wars . Where is the black and media outrage , anger protest rallies and riots ? Answer there has not even been one to my knowledge I researched before writing this blog .
Question ? When will White Americans finally ''Learn " and realize out of 44 races and Nationalities Living in America .The media and White Guilt Liberals and so called black leaders have taught us since the 60.ies Only White Christians and Conservatives can be racist . When and if Whites disagree with anything Blacks say , do or act . Answer .......Never ! This is the new normal and what PC Correctness really means . White Boy Shut Up . B/s The fat lady is just beginning to Sing And I might ad ......loudly !
What a marxist Moron ...... Passsst ...John Podesta ..Its no secret Jim Jones was a long time admitted radial Socialist . Da Da Duh ! Anyone who knows anything about Jim Jone Life's history knows that huge fact quiet well .
Obama care Smells ,Looks , sounds and reads like a totally Fraud and Scam . Written by extreme far left know nothing radial Socialist with it's 23 new taxes in it plus 4,700 new regulation and 4.100 new Dr. codes . (so far ) Especially now read and deeply studies my many too level none Bias Medical Professionals . In all effected area of our health care and their business's . Quote ..It is a total disaster and yes often said now proven train wreck . It is officially a totally none workable Outrageous Fraud and Scam .All agree who have studied it top to bottom . Now I hope Obama care stays in tack . Have I lost my mind ..No ! Why ? There is no way that far left politicians that backed , pushed and voted only for Obama care can win in 2014 or 2016 elections .The lower ..Middle and upper middle class. Knows they have been had ! That being 68.7 % of all Americans that pay taxes .Not counting 5.1 Million small business's .As well as big business's hate as well as those 21-30 cheap "Tricked " by Obama care laws . And to make all of America far more angry they wrote themselves . They won't live with it or will their staffs .While tax payers pick up 75 % of their Gold plan great health care bill . No matter what the media , Obama and the far left says damning Repub,s Conservative and tea party groups .. 24/7 . Stand back and look at the bigger picture . 2014-16 Elections will be Carter and obama care revisited. Guaranteed ! NO one will vote for a possible known enemy and hangman .
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