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What a marxist Moron ...... Passsst ...John Podesta ..Its no secret Jim Jones was a long time admitted radial Socialist . Da Da Duh ! Anyone who knows anything about Jim Jone Life's history knows that huge fact quiet well .
Obama care Smells ,Looks , sounds and reads like a totally Fraud and Scam . Written by extreme far left know nothing radial Socialist with it's 23 new taxes in it plus 4,700 new regulation and 4.100 new Dr. codes . (so far ) Especially now read and deeply studies my many too level none Bias Medical Professionals . In all effected area of our health care and their business's . Quote ..It is a total disaster and yes often said now proven train wreck . It is officially a totally none workable Outrageous Fraud and Scam .All agree who have studied it top to bottom . Now I hope Obama care stays in tack . Have I lost my mind ..No ! Why ? There is no way that far left politicians that backed , pushed and voted only for Obama care can win in 2014 or 2016 elections .The lower ..Middle and upper middle class. Knows they have been had ! That being 68.7 % of all Americans that pay taxes .Not counting 5.1 Million small business's .As well as big business's hate as well as those 21-30 cheap "Tricked " by Obama care laws . And to make all of America far more angry they wrote themselves . They won't live with it or will their staffs .While tax payers pick up 75 % of their Gold plan great health care bill . No matter what the media , Obama and the far left says damning Repub,s Conservative and tea party groups .. 24/7 . Stand back and look at the bigger picture . 2014-16 Elections will be Carter and obama care revisited. Guaranteed ! NO one will vote for a possible known enemy and hangman .
This really is a "MANDATE " for Obama , the Far Left and EPA to Tax Individual Behavior . As they say .... There is nothing that is not on the Table .
My question is simple . It appears quite obvious since Obama started running for the Presidency . Obama , The Black Caucus , White Quilt Liberals as as as Far left white and black talking heads pushed us toward a race war or is it my Imagination ? Especially after watching Eric Holder , Maxine Waters , Cumming and 12-14 Others blacks in Congress alone with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's rants against whites ... even the DUKE Players and White Hispanic . While 248 Blacks have murdered each other in Chicago this year already without One comment from Dim Brothers mentioned above ? The shame is Dr Thomas Sowell was not our First 100 % Black President .... Surely he would have produced"unity " and certainly not in Obama's play book sadly .
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A Political Glossary: Part III

ReCon-USMC Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 8:51 AM
Obama would say the more , and more and more , and more you 'take from Producers is the More Social Justice you have pathetically .
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Give Em 'L', Mitt!

ReCon-USMC Wrote: May 01, 2012 10:57 AM
You well know those Voting for major cuts in spending , those congressman are toast in the next election . Sadly far too many American's in the last 40 years are takers not Producers . While those who pay little in taxes complain about those they think don't pay enough in taxes ....To give them more Freebies . Obama understands is buying and owns their 51 % vote sadly . Look what happened to Paul Ryan very small cuts in spending ... he was "Hung " by the left and Media . While few Repub.s backed him up .
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Who Is 'Racist'?: Part II

ReCon-USMC Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 7:37 PM
Black slavery exist 3500 years later ... Even today . With 10.s of Millions that that have been raped , murdered or had arms and legs hacked off . Roughly 7-9 Million in the last 22 years . There are currently 47 Waring Tribes in Africa today not counting the Muslim ruling thug nations and murdering radical Islamic groups like Al Quada . Many using 10-14 Year old's to do the fighting as well as Sex toys and Slaves . 78 % of all Africans are not Lucky to get Two quality meals a day . 90 % of their diets constituting of Roots . To Quote Thomas Sowell .. Thank goodness his Great , Great , Great , Great Grand parents came here .
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