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Unions Plan to Train 100,000 Occupy Protesters

Chicago Undercover Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 1:51 PM
jehosefat I completely agree with you, been saying this since his election, that "something" will happen that "requires" Executive action and elections to be "temporarily suspended". And I agree, also, that we need to make our presence known publicly as well.

Welcome to Occupy Spring. The Occupy Movement has become more sophisticated, how? It now officially has big name backers like the Teamsters, and other groups.

Its 40 co-sponsors include big names the United Auto Workers, the International Brotherhood of  Teamsters,, and UNITE, the hospitality industry union.

When The 99% Spring was announced in February, organizers vowed to train 100,000 people. It looks like they’ll easily make that goal when their training programs kick off next week.

There are already 918 planned around the country. All the group needs...