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DWS: Republicans Would Redefine Rape

Chicago Undercover Wrote: May 02, 2012 2:35 PM
Hey....uhhh....Lucid1? Your first "quote" states that the house Republicans tried to DEFINE rape as only rape if it's forced. Your second "quote" states that HR3 sought to limit exemptions for pregnancies resulting from rape. My first response is - these 2 quotes are speaking of 2 entirely different things. Not in any way related and if anything they debunk your entire argument. Second response - I challenge you to paste, into a response, the direct text from HR3 that sought to define rape as only being rape if it's forcible. I'll help can't find it cause it's false.

Or Something. From a conference call Tuesday:

“I think the agenda of the Republican Party and of Mitt Romney has clearly been--and can be interpreted as--an attack on the issues that matter to women,” Wasserman-Schultz said during a conference call.

“From the very beginning of this Congress,” she said, “the first priorities in the first bills the Republicans introduced repealing the Affordable Care Act which would dramatically impact women in a negative way [by] making sure that insurance companies could drop us or deny us coverage for preexisting conditions, making sure that we...