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Crumbling Constitution

Chicago Undercover Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 1:21 PM
Tou-freakin-ché Well said, Ken
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Rocking the Vote to the Left

Chicago Undercover Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 2:23 PM
Perhaps we could agree that military service is not the only indicator of patriotism. Only veterans can vote? How about this, Only veterans get a full vote, everyone else gets 3/5 of a vote..... All you're suggesting is that we create an entirely new kind of preferred citizen.
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The Obama Riots Begin

Chicago Undercover Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 1:48 PM
It seems that almost every poster here has misread what Ransom wrote above. He did not say, anywhere, that conservatives have failed the black males. What he said was that "the country has failed them". This is undeniably true. "The country" is also represented by the liberal/progressive population. Liberal programs have created, by design I believe, a black male population that is self-destructing. To suggest that any "population" is not affected by the way it is treated/accepted in society is pretty darned arrogant. What Ransom DID say about conservatives is that our ideas are better, but that we don't push them through and he's not OK with that. He's not OK with accepting that a significant part of our population COULD be helped by our ideas yet they are not, because we don't force our ideas through. I would ask that everyone read what was written, as it was written and stop going immediately to a defensive place that refuses to accept, even the possibility, that we as Conservatives MIGHT be wrong about something. God forbid, we could actually be wrong! The horrors!. BTW - I AM a "true conservative"; I AM white; I AM a man and I AM NOT always, perfectly right.Mostly I AM more interested in seeking ways to improve our nation than I am in casting blame on who phucked it up in the first place.
Like a horny kid on prom night, the Republican party...yet again...is unable to keep it in their pants. 4 months. That's all. Keep your mouths shut for 4 months (you've waited this long and done NOTHING, what's another measly 4 months?) The Rs would have a majority in the Senate AND the House and can work to repeal and replace with a very real threat to override vetoes. 4 months. What's the R answer? Try to get to 2nd base now, only to get their hands slapped. Like every time. I am convinced that Boehner is in league with Obama because he plays into Obama's hands every damned time. We conservatives really ARE stupid.
the baseball bat was a part of the them of "punk rock" the author used, he is not suggesting that Reagan actually beat ol' Gorbachev with a bat. It's taken from the Ramones song "Beat on the brat": "Beat on the brat. Beat on the brat. Beat on the brat, with a baseball bat..." Embrace the symbolism :-)
The fact that people actually thought the Senate Repubs would do anything OTHER than cave, is reflective of severe naivete. Additionally, expecting government politicians to correct issues that they have created in the first place, is the height of silliness. I can't believe the number of people who are pi$$ed about this, as we have know from the get go that the Senate "Republicans" are mostly Progressives anyway. These people have punted on Obamacare (both now and in letting it pass in the first place); they punt on immigration, they punt on radical appointees, they basically punt on everything. You want to change Washington...start by voting every damned one of the Yes voters out. Send a note to Priebus and the state Parties and tell them that if they put any one of these people on your ticket you will vote 3rd party all the way down. Either they give us actual freakin conservatives, or we will destroy the Republican party and they will all lose. You'll get new candidates...if you have the stones to carry through on your threat.
I respect your commitment to your values. I vehemently disagree with you and I think it smacks of double jeopardy, but at least you're committed to your piety. I am not seeking your pity, to be clear, nor do I feel even one bit sorry for myself. I do, however, know injustice when I see it. This is not a JUST thing, it's a LEGAL thing. But that's alright. I took umbrage at the tone of condescension and arrogant self righteousness in those of you that are such good little law-abiding Americans. I voiced my opinion, and now you and I can agree to disagree. Not that there's even one person worth voting for in the first place...
You know, whenever I see someone use the identifiers "they" and "them" I become aware that person is operating from a place of paranoia and/or arrogant self-righteousness. As long as THEY are not kidding, WE can talk to each other about how bad/evil/stupid/whatever THEY are. nullify - your positions come from a place of harsh arrogance and leave no room for error. Life is very black and white in your little enclave isn't it. I am saddened that MY countrymen have decided that I can never be granted reprieve for my sins. Men and women like you have decided that no matter how far out of the gutter I climb (and I have climbed a good long ways) and no matter how much I contribute to the greater society (willingly and freely) I will always be....... a felon. God bless America, huh?
Yes, to the poster below, there IS such a thing as an ex-felon. Like there are ex-Senators, ex-spouses and ex-patriates. Ex- simply means former. If one is no longer participating in the felonious lifestyle, and has paid their debt to society in full, why can't they "be redeemed"? As an "ex-felon" convicted in 1988 and completed my full sentence in 1997 and not one run in with the law since 1988, it irks me to no end that I am considered less than some of the hate-filled idiots who posted about the worth of "people like me" below. For those of you that think once a felon, always a felon, I know a couple of dozen people that know me and my history and they'd tell you something completely different. Get over yourselves. BTW - I am original tea party (marched on DC on 9/12/09) so screw your argument that I'm a liberal. Matter of fact...screw you.(king10)
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