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This nation got what the majority voted for. That majority voted with their emotions and not their brain. The price - a wallet that is emptier than it was before and getting even emptier.
Just the same old rote response by the WH which seems to be the entire sum what they are capable of producing - a sign of absolutely no imagination or creative thinking; people who are mired in the tired old talking points of a failed ideology that they cling to.
The Clinton candidacy is imperiled by the truth and Hillary has no appeal whatsoever to any sane person.
what is reprehensible is that Pelosi is not confined in some mental institution for what is so evidently a case of non compos mentis.
My diagnosis - non compos mentis. My recommendation - immediate incarceration in an asylum for the clinically insane.
The IRS has been insulting our pocketbooks for a lot longer.
How very convenient. I recommend a vacation for all of the honchos in the IRS who are stonewalling. Accommodations I'm sure can be found in local jail cells that are designated for solitary confinement. They tend to be ideal for contemplation and have the added feature of getting the occupants to talk - even if it's only to themselves.
Obama and his minions have been a pox on the backside of the world and it's time for someone to lance those boils that have been created before they become cancerous.
Mary quite contrary needs to start packing her rags for the one way trip home.
It wasn't the people. It was the cemetery vote that sent her to DC.
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