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A demonstration of just how gullible and vacuous the denizens of Hollywood have become.
The only "prize" Obama has earned is the "Booby Prize".
Those who demand to be the center of attention very seldom inspire loyalty.
Mudslinging is an occupational disease of politicians who have nothing else to run on,
"Human Rights Commission" in Kentucky - thy edict is dictatorial and thy name is tyranny.
Understanding only comes to those with open minds.
The only place anything works that Obama is responsible for is in his own delusional mind.
Delusion, thy name is Barack Obama.
Obama is not really to blame for everything - if blame is to be truly assessed it falls on the heads of all those who elected to put him into office - not once but twice.
"Let's kick it up a notch" and "BAM" Obama.
A contract entered into cannot be altered unless all parties agree to the alteration. The Constitution is a contract entered into by the separate States that guarantees certain civil liberties will not be infringed by the central authority it created. The amendments of the Constitution do not grant liberties - they only guarantee that liberties that existed before it's creation will be honored and not taken away by that central authority. Any such guarantee that is not so honored should void the contract making that central authority (i.e. the federal government) null and void returning control back to the states.
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