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When a horse is on the racetrack you can safely bet they are in the race.
Or, "What difference does it make?"
And so the flame of hatred blazes even hotter as it spreads across the globe bringing Armageddon that much closer.
Just another salvo in the deconstructing of history to suit an agenda. That road will only lead to a repetition of what went before.
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Obama: It's Lonely Doing All The Work

Rebel 66 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 11:16 PM
Yep, it's really tough work shooting pool, playing golf, drinking beer, collecting money from fat cats, jetting around the country and enjoying multi-million dollar vacations on the taxpayers dime. We should have it so "rough".
Hillary laughed all the way to the bank when she cashed that check. We all know that laugh, don't we - it's so reminiscent of the cackle made by the evil queen in the Disney version of Snow White.
Word of the day Prattle: Talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way.
I sincerely hope the voters remember this in the fall.
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Obama's Border Crisis Lies

Rebel 66 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 4:20 PM
The best way to solve the border crisis is for the entire Obama administration to turn in their letters of resignation and allow someone who knows what they're doing to take over for the interim. It'll never happen but that's what it'll take.
I have studied the Constitution of these United States very carefully and nowhere in it are listed any enumerated powers for the spouse of the President of this nation. There is no way, in any shape or form, that she is in the chain of command in the political structure, nor can she issue any command in her own person since she has no vested authority. At most she can pass on lawful orders from those that are in command but in any such case they are subject to protest by those who receive them. She may protest, that is her privilege, but they should have no more weight than that of the average citizen.
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