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Arrogant men like to brag and in their bragging the truth will eventually come out, as it has.
Approval of the XL Pipeline project from the White House will only come when the current tenant is no longer in residence.
It's a wise man who knows his opponent.
Much was made of her 42% showing but simple math shows that close to 60% chose someone else. The DSCC most evidently knows simple math.
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An Old Hatred Returns

Rebel 66 Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 11:11 AM
Old hatreds will never die until all those who harbor them will be removed from the passing scene. That will never occur as long as there are those who benefit from the division they promote.
To say that Obama has a serious mental problem would be the understatement of this century.
Come January Harry Reid will be told to sit down and shut up. After that Obama will be told to "like it or lump it".
Desperation does tend to loosen the tongue by short-circuiting the brain cells that control it.
"Obama's America" has tasted the bitter gall of disappointment and discovered that their "god" is quite mortal - and quite incompetent. Still, there are some who foolishly still believe.
At this point in time one should not be surprised by what the Obama administration has done or is capable of doing. He has not done this alone. He has been aided and abetted by many - including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Mary Landrieu and a host of others who all need to be shown the door.
This isn't new. The IRS has always operated under "Guilty until proven innocent" since the first day of it's creation.
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