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When the DOJ demands evidence they refuse to accept the excuse that it is too hard to provide. Whats good for the goose.........
Caution: The wearing of hip boots at White House press briefings is required to wade through the brown stuff that keeps being piled there.
The priorities of Barack Obama are not the priorities of a leader but are those of a died in he wool political opportunist who has his own list of sacred cows.
Anything Obama is for should be analyzed very thoroughly to see where the money trail ends.
This is what happens when you have a POTUS and an AGOUS who think they are the center of the universe. ISIS or ISIL or whatever are not subject to the laws of the United States of America. They are their own law and that's something that should be familiar to Holder and Obama. This was an act of war that will not be met in the courtroom. It has to be met on the battlefield with warriors - not lawyers.
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The Consequence of Unaccountability

Rebel 66 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 3:44 PM
Scenes we'd like to see. Inauguration day 2017. The new President completes his oath of office then turns to Obama and says, "You're under arrest." If only.
The spirits of Lucrezia Borgia and Marie Antoinette must indeed be content knowing they have such a worthy successor.
When a politician says "never" to any event happening you can wager even odds that it will.
Never underestimate what a reprobate or scoundrel is capable of doing.
Hamas doesn't want a truce or a peace agreement. Talking would be a complete waste of time. Their aim is the total subjugation, or preferable annihilation, of all infidels. This is not a new concept. Spain pretty much did the same thing during the Spanish Inquisition - only they did it to Jews and Muslims.
To "Justice" Ginsberg. The Constitution of the United States was passed a long time ago so you can see what's in it - and I suggest you do it real soon.
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