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Leave it to a shyster to try to change the rules because he's been unable to win any cases under the old rules.
This is a step in the correct direction for this nation.
Liberal Democrats have amply demonstrated that they selectively protect and defend the Constitution to suit their own biased philosophical opinions. As for the MSM they have amply demonstrated that this nation and the majority of it's citizens are not their number one priority - theirs is an incestuous relationship,.
If this is the result of college educations then this nation might be better off with representatives and senators who don't have one.
B.S. squared and cubed with a cherry on top.
Hindsight is 20-20 yet there are those who clearly foresaw the events that are even now transpiring. They can now say, "We told you so."
To borrow from another saying "Foolish people and their votes are soon parted". Never underestimate the lunacy of some voters to cast their ballot for her.
There is a solution to all this. Just make Mexico the 51st through 57th states and then Washington can tax them like it already does the existing fifty. Stated, of course, with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.
All thugs and criminals rationalize "legitimate grievances" - even those in the Obama Administration.
Testy: Easily irritated, impatient and bad tempered. A sign of acute stress. Could it be that Fox News has gotten under Eric Holder's skin.
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