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When a storm is generated by ambitious liberal activists seeking to gain a name for themselves there will be many at the center of it that will be consumed in the buffeting winds of hatred that fuel it.
And so Obama uses his pen once more to totally ignore all the American business assets and substantial properties of Cubans that Fidel stole.
Time for the people of this nation to deliver lumps of coal to Obama for CHRISTMAS.
An exercise in futility - probably instigated by Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, P.C. who are seeking fame - and fortune.
"By any means necessary" is the mantra of tyrants and hypocrites of all ilks.
The imprimatur of this document is tainted by base emotions and was issued with no other purpose than retribution by those who authored it. These are people with a sophistic morality and no honor or human decency.
Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse.
There will a joyous celebration throughout the land on the day the Obama's vacate the White House. They both wish to have a legacy. They will. It will be one of animosity and division.
Gloria Allred never met a phony claim she wouldn't champion.
Once a two bit w---- always a two bit w----.
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