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Hey Derek, feeling a little "holier than thou" this morning? I for one feel that any time injustice occurs , we should care. But then, you are above all that sillieness, aren't you? In you had bothered to gather the facts, rather than just watching the MSM, you would know that this case should not have even gone to trial. If you cared enough to get the facts before writing this " I'm so much better than all the others, who desperately cared about justice being done" column. For your information (since you are obviously uninformed) Zimmerman was following Martin to give 911 his location. When 911 asked him to stop following Martin . .HE DID . . . and he got out of his car to find the name of a street . .. which 911 had asked him the name of. He was headed BACK TO HIS CAR when Martin attacked him. The Sanford police were right in not bringing charges . . .all the non-white experts agree on this. The reason people got personally involved, was because they saw Sharpton, Jackson, and others railroading Zimmerman. The day we stop getting emotionally involved over injustice will be a sad day for America. You just keep living in your own little world . . .and don't pay attention to anything that doesn't directly affect you. Of course, that's what the Germans did, when Hitler exterminated millions and millions of Jews. I assume you think those Germans did the right thing by not caring . .because it didn't affect them?? I am disgusted with what you wrote.
Amen! I used to like Christie, but I am so over him . . .he has proven his true colors. He lost me when he appointed a Muslim to the NJ supreme court.
Thank you Texas Chris. Go Rick Perry!!
By the way, as much as I like Rand Paul, . . he has started soft-pedaling amnesty . . . . .I have lost confidence in him.
Bobby Jindal, a wonderful man, but not eligible to be president. Marco Rubio, a Rino, and not eligible to be president. Ted Cruz, a wonderful man, but not eligible to be president. Lest you forget .. . which you seen to have . . .you must be born in the U.S. of U.S. citizens to be president. None of these were. Allen West, a great man, who needs a little more time. Go Rick Perry! A proven conservative.
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Snowden a Fool, Not a Spy

Rebecca265 Wrote: Jun 19, 2013 12:06 PM
Mr. Goldberg, I think you have hit the proberbial nail on the head. Thank you for seeing through all the smoke and mirrors that the adminisration and politicians are throwing at him to make his disclosure seem wrong. they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar . . .and they think if they yell loud enough against Snowden . . .that we won't see the crumbs on their faces. . . .or else we will forget about it. The USA actually IS spying on its own citizens, and the IS wrong. But I agree, Snowden is not a spy, just a very misguided idealist. Thank you for clearing away all the false accusations and painting a clear picture of the situation. :)
I don't think Rubio will get to "walk away". I dont' think he can win another election in FL, which means he won't be a Senator any more. As far as running for Pres. don't make me laugh . . . .he would lose FL.
The Hispanic vote is very small, We are supposed to do what is RIGHT, not pander to a certain group. And another thing, most Hispanics who came here legally do NOT want amnesty for the ones who came here illegally . . . You need to read up on your facts.
Don't feel sorry for him. He destroyed himself by not doing what he promised us he would do.
I agree with what you said, except for the statement "Rubio didn't have a chance" .. . In spite of his young looks, Rubio was over 40 years old when he went to Washington . .. if you can't stand by your principles at 40 . .then when can you? I don't feel sorry for him . . .he promised us in FL that he would never support amnesty for illegals . . one of the main reasons we voted for him. He stabbed us in the back, and I bet they didn't even pay him 30 pieces of silver. . . . . .
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