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For sure!
Doubt if they ever will Hulk. Thinking is not their strong suit either.
Too bad he isn't losing it fast enough or enough of it! The fraud never had oratory skills to begin with. He knew how to READ. And we have too many stupid people who believe that was good enough. No skills at all, no resume, no work history, no successes, but good enough to run the country. Everyone who voted so ignorantly for this Fascist thug should have their voting rights stripped away ----- permanently.
It's what happens when government is run by CRONYISM instead of laws. It's what happens when you allow insane groups of people such as militant gays and equally Fascist environmental NAZIs to begin controlling the message. The MESSAGE of humanity is lost and all you have left are Fascists and Psychopaths. That's what we have in America now. Thanks all you little morons and idiots who voted for this!
Too bad this same realization didn't impact the unintelligent and ignorant until the great majority of our businesses moved overseas to get away from the horrendous costs of unions. Now all America needs is 50 years to begin to undo the negative impact of union supported teachers who have been involved in Communist Indoctrination since the 1960s.
My mom worked in that benefits office for years. She was also one who stopped the fraud and theft. For all her trouble SHE was the person they harassed into ill health. The 'powers that be' WANT this welfare class. They make good Dem voters - lazy and brainless.
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Prosecute the President

Rebecca239 Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 11:37 PM
Yes. We've been wondering and waiting to see ANY of the people allotted the power to deal with this muSLIME Communist DO so. It appears this Congress only wants pay for nothing. Must have all belonged to unions in their pre-Congress life.
Any city run by Libs is coming to this point and any Lib policies to fix it are, and always will be, a joke. The Lib's/Dem's ideology comes right out of Communism and one of their primary goals is to BANKRUPT the citizens and move them into welfare status. This has all been planned and deliberate.
That is great news! A whole bunch of these little NAZIs need to have their Fascism come back and bite them. It has to be enough so they stop trying to shove Fascism and Communism down our throats all the time as they've been doing since the late 60s, early 70s.
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GE Crushes Obama's War on Coal

Rebecca239 Wrote: May 03, 2014 11:24 PM
Charles Payne you are not a dumb person. So why are you questioning what this is about? This administration is COMMUNIST and their behavior is FASCIST. It is just that simple. In order to implement Communism as these people wish, the United States MUST be destroyed. That means financially right down to individual households. Can you think of a better way to destroy us? Think man! This isn't hard. They have control over who lives and dies already. They are rapidly gaining total control over our farming, ie, our entire food supply industry. And now? Make heat too expensive for us to use. Simple. Very.
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Bye, Bye California

Rebecca239 Wrote: May 03, 2014 10:13 PM
The only problem is these corps tend to take their liberal idiots with them! And since one of the Lib/Commie goals happens to be the takeover of Texas too, I'd say they are well on their way to getting Texas. UNLESS Texas makes those moving companies leave their morons in the state they ALREADY ruined. Idiots should have to deal with their OWN creation. NOT just simply move out when it becomes impossible to live with THEIR ideals. I strongly believe no Conservative state should be forced to take in the morons who have CAUSED the damage to a prior state.
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