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Why don't you guys LIMIT medicaid AND STOP ALL WELFARE. Medicare is for WORKING people who paid into it. Medicaid is for NON-working OR people who failed to educate themselves for our market and had low-paying jobs. No one should be forced to make their stupidity up for them.
Some of us had it "mis-handled" FOR us by those 401K thieving brokers. They just saw it as a pot to steal from too.
That literally does not matter. What one needs to look at is the fact that our market grew EXPONENTIALLY during those years of SS. If the thieves in our government had left it alone, and not STOLEN it for their pals, cronies, and personal projects enriching their families, there would be more than enough. Because everything in there, LEFT ALONE, would ALSO have grown exponentially. I am FOR confiscating ALL property of our politicians until THEY have brought the fund back to where it should have been these days. Their money, their homes, their property. EVERYTHING. Just like they took from us.
I do too. ESPECIALLY when we are FORCED to put it into brokerages and the thieves at Merrill Lynch stole my entire retirement. If they don't make them leave our money alone, then they shouldn't require us to use 401Ks.
It would have lasted much longer, too, if the thieving politicians hadn't been stealing it to use as bribes - errrrrr 'inducements' - for their cronies.
Yes. It's just too bad the Congress criminals didn't give a DAMN about that procedure when it allowed the SENATE to put through that tax mess of obamacare. THAT was illegal. And yet we didn't see one single House Congressman fight it on those grounds, even after they took the House back from the Demonrats.
Excellent analogy Packer Fan.
Do you mean to say they are acting as they have been for decades? LYING? Say what their voters want to hear than ignore everything they said once in office? Sigh..... How well we know that trick.
Or gee, you guys, you could just get all of obaMAO's TAKERS off the disability roles and go back to just the DISABLED getting it. That would fix it for decades. Anyone put on since obaMAO was elected would have to be judged by a panel of doctors specifically in their "disability" field. In the meantime, take them OFF. We know he was pumping all the people HE made unemployed onto disability so he wouldn't feel electoral 'heat'.
Awwwww. We TRIED to give you the facts, but being Liberal idiots you just REFUSED to listen. Enjoy. You deserve FAR WORSE. Crybabies.
Exactly. Time to be done with these thousand page bills of Fascist garbage because no one can read them. No Bill should be more than 3-4 pages in length. If they can't hone it down, they are hiding things. I too think say it in 1 and be done. Get the lawyers OUT OF BILL MAKING. Use English. PLAIN English.
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