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DC won't change until we BAN the crooked, immoral, unethical LAWYERS from writing the bills and FORCE them to write them in 1 - 3 pages. PERIOD. Then really and permanently get rid of the lobbyists.
And YOU win the prize. Ding ding.....
Pretty brain-dead funny, holder, you azzhat. Why don't you fine every single LIBERAL in this country who pushed to make loans available to the WELFARE CLASS without assets to repay those loans? YOU MORONS caused it. Don't blame anyone else for YOUR insanity and idiocy.
Totally asinine if it wasn't so dangerous. Not the parents. The STATE, which encourages this type of NAZI behavior of reporting parents for being NORMAL. Government - of all stripes - YOU are NOT the parents. Keep your Fascism to yourselves and stay the HELL out of our lives.
Sorry but if the muzzies want to FEEL "more at home", they can damned well GO HOME. Where they belong. Stop accommodating the murderous, raping, thugs you morons. Their LACK OF culture does NOT fit with Western culture.
Why are there no lefties? Not hard at all. Anybody with sense, intelligence, and SANITY can't stand listening to the hot-air liars. They have nothing to say to those people.
However, most of what is occurring today with the government trying to control EVERYTHING is Fascism. That was what Nazi-ism was.
NO we do NOT have a non-existent 'right' to step in. Education is NO guarantee at all that one will be "productive" in a real sense. Just take a look at all of our Yale, Harvard, and Princeton educated RETARDS in our political positions.
Why don't you guys LIMIT medicaid AND STOP ALL WELFARE. Medicare is for WORKING people who paid into it. Medicaid is for NON-working OR people who failed to educate themselves for our market and had low-paying jobs. No one should be forced to make their stupidity up for them.
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