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Exactly. That would be equal to this bimbo's complaint.
What they should have said was GET OUT and GO HOME! Sick and tired of these Fascist NAZIs and that is truly what muslimes are.
Hmmmph. Enjoy you stupid Leftie Lunatics who continue to vote Progressive/Communist. ALL ARE EQUAL. How soon you forget your choice.
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America’s Economic Tinderbox

Rebecca239 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 5:50 PM
And yet the fools in those Metro areas keep right on voting FOR those Dems/Communists don't they? In case they don't know, someone really ought to be telling them: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of INSANITY. Hence, why Liberals are deemed to be INSANE.
This is NOT talking about "early" Social Security. This program IS welfare. It is strictly for people who had early kids out of wedlock or didn't educate themselves properly enough to EARN enough working to support themselves or their family. If that isn't welfare what the heck is it? It is not ANY WORKING PERSON'S duty to support those who had kids unmarried or failed to get the education REQUIRED to function in the job market.
Not very American of you, My Jeffrey, to consider people who have PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY all their working lives as being on WELFARE. Get your FACTS straight. Shame on you.
You need to stop drinking the dingbat, dimwitted Dem koolaid.
Everyone should be well aware - after DECADES of this Democrat Lynching - that the Dems are poor losers, whiners, reprobates, thugs, and MAFIA mimics. If they can't win honestly on issues, they attack. ATTACK Attack attack. Endlessly. Forever. Nothing but thugs that would make our old Mafia proud. And Stalin.
So WHEN is some law enforcement agency going to arrest all these thugs and DEPORT THEIR BUTTS to somewhere nice. Like North Korea?
We've been in the 'grips' of a crisis since the early 1970s. It's just that it has taken the current end game of the Communists to show the brain dead Americans where we have been headed for such a long time.
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