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The War on Unborn Women

Rebecca194 Wrote: May 30, 2012 3:29 PM
1. Spend as much time fighting for Adoption as they do fighting for abortion. These prochoice folks always act like there are only two choices, being tied down to a baby for the rest of your life or abortion. That's just not the truth. 2. Become a society where young men are expected to be responsible by being fathers, not just "taking care of it" 3. Utlra sounds. 4. The real hard part, we have to start honestly saying as a society, Sex= baby. Don't do it unless you want a baby.

This week, Lila Rose's indispensable Live Action released undercover video showing a young woman entering Planned Parenthood and discussing her desire to get an abortion if her prospective child will be female. The Planned Parenthood employee, ever eager to help, says she'll do her best to be of aid, encouraging the young woman to use her Medicaid to obtain an ultrasound to help determine sex of the child.

Once the tape broke, Planned Parenthood quickly canned the offending employee. But the question remains: Why? Why would Planned Parenthood see fit to throw one employee under the bus merely for acting in accordance...