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The Upside of the Downside

Rebecca194 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 4:07 PM
It's called the pride cycle. People are good, so they are blessed, they become successful, they forget that their blessings came from God and from hardworking ancestors, they become selfish, the become indulgent, they loose their values, they turn their backs on God's blessings, they become vulnerable to attack, both cultural and actual military attack. They are then brought low, humbled and have to turn back to God and the values that brought their ancestors prosperity. Then they receive blessing, because God is bound to bless us when we do what is right.

One of my heroes, Irving Kristol, used to say that there's nothing wrong with the country a bad recession couldn't fix.

Kristol (father of the more famous Bill, by the way) wasn't hoping for a recession, he was merely making the point that so many of the problems with our culture, both popular and political, were the sorts of challenges that come with affluence.

Wealth makes it easier to abandon the old customs, rituals and habits of the heart that generated the wealth in the first place.

For instance, I always love reading about irresolute rich families that...