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Transparent, my momma's big toe!! We want transparency in government. We want executive appointments made when congress is in session and no Friday at 5 when no one's watching. We want to know what you are telling the Russians. We want to know why you are bowing to our enemies. We aren't interested in tax returns from 1980! Nor do we care what kind of toothpaste the candidate uses nor their position on MadMen! If there was something wrong with Romney's taxes, Obama's IRS would have ferritted it out. I also love how each time his opposition wants Romney to release his taxes, they have failed to do it themselves first.
(cont) home with them. This Rosen women would have been perfectly fine with Ann Romney going to work and letting someone else raise her 5 boys, that she would have understood, but she can't even comprehend putting those children before herself
You know Mitt Romney's never said he's not rich. To most of us after a certain dollar figure it's all the same. I choose to stay home with my children the very moment I could (mostly that involved affording insurance). We would be making 40,000 dollars a year, a good chunk of that going to insurance. But we would make it. I taught school and I know the best place for a children to be raised is in their own home. Not, what's best for me as the mom, what's best for my children. I know that me being home is best for them, and the hard truth is that it's best for most children. I'm irritated by wealth people ($400,000 a year is wealthy) who act like they are put upon. Obama, if your wife needed to work, then you should have stayed
The issue isn't about the right of Muslim parents to send their student's to muslim schools, it's about making religious public schools. Charter schools are public schools.
The democrats don't have to attack Mormon's directly, they've got MSNBC to do it for them.
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