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Obama Campaign: Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend on It!

ReasonableDem Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 6:10 PM
Oh really? is that how you interpret the fact that feminists across America... -dress up in 6 foot vag costume and parade themselves around campus -host plays like the vag monologues which include scenes of a bunch of women on stage just making orgasm noises for 5 minutes/an ode to a lesbian affair involving an adult women and a young adolescent (the one kind of statutory rape endorsed by feminists) / fantasies about a man who just wants to stare at and worship the vag, etc etc -frame everything in terms of their vag, like "conservatives just want to control my vag" or "vote like your vag depends on it" -turn around and say they're threatened by a snow phallus on harvard campus, call it "oppressive"

It's official, liberals think women are idiots. Between the birth control talk, thinking women only care about free stuff, cheap abortion, sex and now this, Team Obama has judged women not as humans with brains capable of making decisions for themselves, but as voters with "lady" parts. The following was posted as late at 2 p.m. ET on an official Obama campaign website.



And now, the Obama campaign has taken it down.