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Memo to Team Romney: Flipping the Obama Campaign on its Back

realmaple Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 7:12 AM
You need to send your thoughts directly to Romney campaign headquarters. After his flopping around on the immigration issue, it appears that Romney is going to be just as unprincipled as we suspected early in the primaries and based on his political history to date. Conservatives need to be vocal and persistent in keeping these blow-with- the-wind politicians to their promises. Romney promised to secure the border first and repeal obamacare. I have my doubts that he'll actually follow through, and he does not compare to Reagan in the ability to express American principles of freedom and inspire individuals. I pray that I'm wrong about him.

President Obama’s re-election strategy will be predicated on blaming the economic stagnation on George W. Bush, and, thus, the GOP, my colleagues Frank Cannon and Jeff Bell persuasively argued recently in The Weekly Standard. Cannon and Bell are right. And, that said, Bush’s fiscal policies were not the culprit.

Bush was mugged by the Fed. The Fed produced a Hurricane Katrina of louche money. The Fed produced the housing bubble, which, popping, caused the panic of ‘08. The Meltdown developed on Bush’s watch. More voters therefore still blame Bush than Obama for the lousy economy. Obama is exploiting...