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An Open Letter to my Black Evangelical Friends

Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 5:58 PM
Secondly, the spirit of suicide that takes your men out by alarming percentages. Your culture is #1 for men killing themselves due to them not being able to cope with life. To the contrary, we all have issues in our culture that we need to work on. Now-lets address the statement that not only whites but some blacks are implying that some people only voted for Obama because he was “black”. When you hear it sounds so immoral. Allow me to lend you a bit of wisdom my white brothers and sisters. It’s probably not wise for you to make the comment (right or wrong). Why? I’m glad you asked-because you are in no moral position or condition as a culture to make any judgments concerning any race especially towards African Americans.
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 6:02 PM
It’s interesting that he didn’t write an open letter to the 73% of Asians whom voted for Obama, the 79% Evangelicals whom voted for Mitt and to the white community whom put Obama in office. Talking about he’s just asking-we don’t have answer to you. Accept the fact that OBAMA is President.

A hint to the wise should be sufficient.
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 6:01 PM
I cannot comprehend why Christians would support a candidate who denies to the fullest, the core of Christian doctrine. I would rather support David the King that honored the only living God but yet he committed adultery, had a man killed and took his wife; oppose to a Herod who worshipped other Gods and slept with his brother’s wife.

Unfortunately, the part of the white community that does understand the evil of racism has to carry the burden of their ancestors and the current generation that indulges in this nonsense. My heart goes out to them and my prayers. Since there is racial tension- I would suggest you let this accusatory spirit go and pray for the country and the President of these United States of America.
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 6:01 PM
How dare the white community and some blacks judge the “intellect” and “the heart” of African Americans or any other culture that voted for Obama. Who has made you Judge? The last time I checked, JESUS died on the cross so we can have everlasting life. We are capable and in spite of your insults, we were listening and praying, paying very close attention, reading, staying abreast of the issues, having well-informed thought out discussions, not moved or persuaded by false and deceptive ads or by religious leaders whom the Message Bible calls "renegades" for attempting to entice us to follow after one who preaches another gospel and who believes God has many wives and Satan is Jesus brother! (credit goes to 2Gospel_Sngr2)
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 6:00 PM
To my culture-you don’t know what you are doing when you accuse your brother and sister of voting for color alone. See the danger with this generation, you have forgotten what the generation before you had to fight for so you could vote, sit by a white person on the bus in the front seat, use the same restrooms and eat in the same restaurants. On another note, we have allowed the evil of racism to creep into the black community. We have never been a culture of racism. How dare you allow this evil into your hearts and our culture! Yes, we have many things we have to fix in our culture but racism was never one of them. Send it back to the pits of Hell from whence it came and repent.
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 6:00 PM
These are just a few examples of how the evil of racism is still prevalent. So when you hear a black person say, I voted for Obama because he is “black”. In essence they are saying-I would rather take my chances with a black man (that said he is a Christian with flaws) instead of with a white culture that has constantly proven to this day that they cannot be trusted to be morally sane. Racism is not better because the white community understood the damage and evil of racism-it’s better because laws were put in place. Not because you actually recognize that racism has handicapped a race and a nation that is suppose to be under GOD. Trust me-we are no victims of yours and sadly-you have become the victims of your on evil.
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 5:59 PM
In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, the law can’t legislate morality but the law can protect us from being lynched– so the abuse has been redefined. Here are few examples: we hear from black celebrities confessing how Hollywood doesn’t give them a fair share, the TV show, “What Would You Do” shows how you respond to a black person oppose to a white person in a given situation, Obama is the first president in history to receive more racist threats than any other president and the lady on my job, that’s actually shocked because African Americans were in management positions and how she saw black families sitting down in restaurants as a family (yes she actually said this to me). Thank God for her and myself that I’m saved.
Really77 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 5:58 PM
African Americans suffered under the white majority for decades and we still see it in its new disguise. Newsflash! In the words of Olivia Pope (Scandal), when she told Fitz, I am not YOURS. America is not YOURS my white brothers and sisters.

I am not writing this letter to accuse but rather to advance understanding. And even though I am white, I am not writing as an outsider but as a fellow evangelical, part of the same spiritual family. May I pose some candid questions?

Are you guilty, on any level, of blind allegiance to the Democratic party? And, on Election Day, did any of you compromise your convictions out of racial solidarity?

I have been very open in my criticism of white evangelicals, pointing out how we often put our trust in the Republican party and how we look to the latest...