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Elizabeth Warren has started taking a stand against Big Money. That's a start. Really though, it starts at home with people talking.
Thanks Bush for deregulating the housing market and forcing the next term president to pick up your pieces.
A. Fetuses aren't human so they can't be murdered. B. I don't care what people drink as long as the facts aren't misleading and children don't suffer from diabetes because action figures are attached to fast food.
No way. These students chose this professors course. Just like if I hire a certain carpenter, I can't tell him which tools to use. If I don't like his work...I just hire another carpenter.
College students choose the classes they take. That's the great part of college. No professor can "force" a student to do anything. If a teacher's course sounds interesting, then take it but don't be surprised if it challenges you in more way than one. If you don't like the course, then stop taking it.
It's good to see some people think for themselves. I'd be more concerned if it was 0% and everyone believed their religious leaders and superiors about everything they were told.
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