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Why does this shock anyone? This is the kind of unAmerican activities we should be used to from this administration.
How? PROVE you're a legal U.S. citizen.
You might find this interesting, from www.usconstitution.net; The Right To Vote The Constitution contains many phrases, clauses, and amendments detailing ways people cannot be denied the right to vote. You cannot deny the right to vote because of race or gender. Citizens of Washington DC can vote for President; 18-year-olds can vote; you can vote even if you fail to pay a poll tax. The Constitution also requires that anyone who can vote for the "most numerous branch" of their state legislature can vote for House members and Senate members. Note that in all of this, though, the Constitution never explicitly ensures the right to vote, as it does the right to speech, for example.
I do remember the topic. Do you remember what you wrote?
Exactly, your right to vote should protected much more than some idiotic politician.
AMEN!!! Why is it such a problem to prove who you are. Not too long ago someone, to prove a point, went to a polling place and asked for Joe Biden's ballot. They were going to give it to him without question. He didn't accept it as to not break the law. What are the democrats afraid of? Oh yeah, if only legal citizens are allowed to vote, none of them will have jobs after the election.
Typical democrat.
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