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Policing a Riot

The Teleprompter Speaks Wrote: 14 hours ago (9:44 AM)
Escalating tensions? No, the problem isn't the police being equipped better than many of our troops were in Iraq. The problem is the lawlessness of the looters and agitators.
While the bungled peace of WWI helped create WW2, that doesn't explain how the world would have been better off if the USA hadn't participated. The armistice terms could have been much worse.
I count four, not five presidents. And this president was asked by the Iraqi government to help them. Doesn't make it right, but it's important to get the facts right and report them correctly when trying to build an argument.
Who gave Saddam permission? Stalin?
Well, if I were a paul-head, I might say something about no declaration of war, so we must not be at war, right?
Wait a minute, wait a minute! We aren't bombing Iraq, we are bombing murderous savages at the request of the Iraqi government!
The first thing we did was save the world economy in 1990.
How can we accomplish anything if we don't finish what we start?
I think Wikipedia can provide a definition of ad hominem.
Five presidents in a row have ordering Iraq bombed? Let's see... That would start with Reagan. It's been many years, but I don't recall Americans bombing Iraq during the Reagan presidency. In fact, the wacky left claims we were Iraq's allies when they were at war with Iran. So somebody help me out, if you would please? When did Reagan bomb Iraq?
It worked in Missouri. Democrats helped give that idiot Akin the nomination in 2012.
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