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After Obama

Reality7 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 11:42 AM
Ha,Ha. Victor have you been around the Catnip.How about this for 2016. Economic collapse,Civil Anarchy,The loss of NYC due to nuke attack,A vicious war in Middle east,and a police state with a never ending perveted society.Hopefully a few States like Texas will have fled the Union,what is left of it.
America is Over Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 5:08 PM
"The loss of NYC due to nuke attack"

I was kinda hoping for California, but the rest sounds right.

We can imagine what lies ahead in 2017 -- no matter the result of either the 2014 midterm elections or the 2016 presidential outcome.

There will be no more $1 trillion deficits. About $10 trillion will have been added to the national debt during the Obama administration, on top of the more than $4 trillion from the prior eight-year George W. Bush administration. That staggering bipartisan sum will force the next president to be a deficit hawk, both fiscally and politically.

In addition, there will be no huge new federal spending programs -- no third or fourth stimulus, no vast new...