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Exclusive Video: Cutter Stands by Libya Comments, Refuses to Resign

Realist4U Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 7:19 PM
So, the four Americans that died mean nothing to this POS?
loisoo001 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 7:25 PM
Rmoney tried to politicize their deaths twice and it didn't go very well for him.
tuttletacoma Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 7:30 PM
but your black messiah and dimwits like you continue to brag how he killed bin laden

but according to dimwits like you that isn't political strange how these attacks occurred on 9/11 when the supposed video had been available for months

but then idiots like you are more then happy top see people killed if it keeps your black messiah in office

you remain a pathetic heartless loser

DANVILLE, KY - Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said she would "absolutely not" resign over comments she made earlier today on CNN, asserting that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the "entire reason" the 9/11 Benghazi massacre is a national political issue. She told Townhall she stands by her remarks and referred back to an official written statement before briskly walking away and refusing to answer further questions:

Cutter is here in Danville to spin Vice President Biden's debate performance later tonight. Prior to...