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We have nothing but Democrats on both sides of the aisle. Flood the election with RINOs. We have absolutely no chance of bringing America back. The power hungry have "the fix" on the elections.
Exactly what "position" was being afforded to Huma, "Missionary?"
I don't believe a single word out of John Kerry's mouth.
Rush is right again! It's a total scam!
John Boeher hasn't worked for the people in a long time, if ever!
All Sebillus needs is re-branding. Make sure the iron is hot, then brand "fool" on her forehead for the world to see what they already know.
Neither are "indiscriminate drone killings."
The Law that is purported to be the "existing law" is not the law that was voted on. Therefore, it is illegal.
Other than a few embarrassing moments, Gruber will be walking away "Scott-Free," from perpetrating this fraud on the American People. These Congressmen know that "a good show" is as good as actually doing something about the crimes.
Could someone please bring Mr. Gruber another helping of "crow?"
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