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Return as what? Janitor?
Yes, the "People are split." The Loony Liberals think he should return, because they like liars like Obama and Hillary. The sane people that understand that the newsroom is no place for a pathological liar.
The other 34 percent were "far left loons,"
Which says.."Obama does not speak for the people."
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Black Christians Love Israel

Realist4U Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 10:58 PM
Tru Dat!!
In 2016, for our own survival, we need to elect a President that is "ready, willing, and able," to defeat ISIS. This means "NO DEMOCRATS!"
This man spent his career defending terrorists. Why stop now?
Exactly! For him to see this behavior as "bothersome," shows he is incapable of understanding the severity of any situation.
When ISIS remove Bob's head it would simply be "justice."
"A bit bothersome, Bob?" No, a bit bothersome would be your hair not staying in place after using an exorbitant amount of hairspray. This would be more along the lines of "Traitorous."
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