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Get a rope, and find a tree...
Did she have "a bag of hammers" with her?
Because, he is Boob Beckel's choice.
Anybody that would vote for Jeb, is a fool. I don't believe there are enough fools in the Country to make him a viable candidate.
McCain didn't want it the last time he ran. He truly gave up. The only reason he would run again is to run interference for Hillary. Should he get in against Hillary, he would fold like a cheap suit. He wants Hillary to win. As sick as that is.John McCain and Hillary Clinton belong at "Golden Meadows Retirement Home,: counting their money, they ripped the people off of.
He's older than Hillary, isn't he?
We have nothing but Democrats on both sides of the aisle. Flood the election with RINOs. We have absolutely no chance of bringing America back. The power hungry have "the fix" on the elections.
Exactly what "position" was being afforded to Huma, "Missionary?"
I don't believe a single word out of John Kerry's mouth.
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