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Obama to Celebrities at Glitzy Fundraiser: I Heart the Middle Class!

real American9 Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 9:05 AM
I'm confident this is exactly what the "White Massas" who control the segregationist party and tell all Crapheads how and what to think as they tell their minions.....Remain leaning FORWARD at the waist like a breech loading bird gun, cause I'm not done yet.

Ah, yes. The speed at which our nation's leader can go from Barack Obama: People's President to Barack Obama: Celebrident (Preslebrity?) boggles the mind. Witness: yesterday, he gave a speech in America's heartland in which he whined about how all of middle America's problems are not his fault. Mere hours later, however, he stood in front of the wealthiest people America has to offer at two fancy fundraisers in New York City and professed to be a champion of the middle class.

Fresh from giving an economic speech in America's industrial Rust Belt, President Barack Obama headlined...