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The course of constitutional law for decades to come will left up to the you. If you vote 3rd party or for Obama you will part of the problem. Please think about what this election means. This is not just about party. It is about the moral decay of America. We have quite a few Supreme Court Justices needing to be replaced. your vote. America is counting on you!
Can there really be any doubt as to what the FORWARD slogan means..... Simply picture Uncle Sam standing with his Red White and Blue pants crumpled down around his ankles while President Obutthole standing directly behind him exclaims, lean "FORWARD" ,,,,As TechDel points out below.....I'm not done with you yet. LOL!
I'm confident this is exactly what the "White Massas" who control the segregationist party and tell all Crapheads how and what to think as they tell their minions.....Remain leaning FORWARD at the waist like a breech loading bird gun, cause I'm not done yet.
Typical Pauliac.
Best you got libturd?
Liberalism 101 Lesson 3 Never, and I mean never, let them know you are too blamed ignorant to comprehend the real definition of conservatism.
You are wrong Bullshittercelli, because you are a hyphenated-American, neo-communist, pudsucking perverted Democrapheaded "Segregationist" libturd POS attempting to destroy the melting pot.
Yo theeleftwingedpinkosofullofstuff, if you had a lick of good sense, you'd have taken note of my opening sentence above was addressed to, "real Americans".....You hyphenated-American neo-communist pudsucking perverted Democrapheaded libturd POS, nor any of your suckbuddies need not apply.
Do you real Americans believe the bulk of Americans today are more ignorant, or simply more un-American than they were back in 1980? If they aren't, then Barack Obutthole has no chance of re-election, since his leadership makes Jimah Carter seem like a second coming of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln combined..
Dang, Obutthole is gonna try to siphon off a sufficient number of Pauliacs to put him over the top? Hell, that bunch of dope smoking, maggot infested stoners couldn't even get their messiah Ron Paul above ten percent anywhere in the Union.
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