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It's fun because it gets you closted homos in an uproar. You're still freaked out by it!
Wow, here you go again! If you insist, Tuttle enjoys making crude jokes about homosexuality. I pointed out several studies that show homophobes are latent homosexuals. It's got his (well his wifes) panties in quite a knot...
No. I know several liberals who are really shaken-up by this. This is a level of hatred I wasn't aware you all had for liberals i.e., that liberals don't care about these deaths.
I think she's kinda hot, actually.
Innocent question relax, racist! I really got to you last night...don't sweat it sweety, I won't tell.
Doesn't ID the race of the victim...just the criminal.
You honestly believe "leftists" don't care about the deaths? Do you know any liberals?
Indeed... I have been to two podcasts at Bar Lubvitch.
Why did you point out the bad guy was hispanic?
Anger, anger, anger. A shame.
I'm not a liberal.
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