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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

Reaganite12 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 11:47 AM
There's a glaring difference between the McDaniel-Cochran race and the others you cite, Ann. McDaniel lost his race because of dirty tactics used by the other Republican, not the Democrats. If the beltway types get away with this, they'll keep on using the same methods. If Republicans don't win the Senate, those establishment types will have their cheating selves to blame. Don't put it on McDaniel or conservatives. Your columns seem to be all over the place lately, BTW.
Loving the #NotInterestedInPhotoOps tweets. Keep up the good work! It's not that he's not interested in photo ops. It's that he's not interested in human beings, other than those that help him achieve money and power.
Agree with you on the sanctuary churches and ministers. They're a big part of the problem with illegal aliens. They should worry more about the American children in need and their parents without jobs.
And the Heritage Foundation gave Cochran a 57% rating.
You apparently forgot to mention that Heritage gave Thad Cochran a 57% rating.
"...power, influence, loopholes, money and all the other ingredients..." that are destroying this republic. We desperately need term limits, but will never get them because the ones who need to be limited do the voting. Thanks for the info.
The American Conservative Union's most recent rating of Dining-with-Democrats Cochran is 63%. When you consider that Mitch McConnell has a 94% rating, do you really think the old geezer is that conservative or that useful? There's also the lying and cheating component. Call me old-fashioned, but I do think you should be harder on your enemies than on your conservative primary opponent.
Most of them are 15 or older, too. If you're tempted to feel sorry for "the children," just remember our own American children. If this type of invasion is allowed to go on, our children will have a very bleak future.
And while you're at it, send the UN officials there.
Time to cut the welfare for Big Business, including the Ex-Im Bank. Also do away with the subsidies, preferential tax rules, etc. All the excessive regulation favors Big Business, too: they can easily afford the many lawyers needed to keep up with it, while small businesses struggle. It's been a profitable partnership for politicians and connected businesses, but the crony corporatism needs to end.
The "Federal" Reserve not a federal bank. It's a privately owned entity.
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