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Evil is the only word for this. Brings thoughts of child sacrifice to Moloch and concentration camp incinerators.
"It's the economy, stupid!" And, yes, this does include Obamacare. The Republicans should be hitting them hard on both. Most people know the government statistics about the "recovery" are lies.
At least I learned something today: Bob Dole is still living. Unfortunately, the big loser of the 1976 presidential election (to Jimmy Carter, no less) believes he is still relevant enough to criticize a current conservative Republican leader. Does anyone actually care what Bob Dole thinks? I do wonder if he refers to himself in the third person in his thoughts, as well as in his speech. That was always a little humorous.
Typical college professor, especially in the liberal arts. And one more bloody time: this is NOT a democracy, it's a republic. Grrr.
Thou must not criticize the exalted leaders of the Republican Party, Dyadd. Isn't that the 11th Commandment, according to some of the establishmentarians here? Agree with you completely. There is rarely an effective response to the ridiculous claims of the Democrats and their leftist enablers in the media. Makes one wonder why this is so.
Slavery still exists in Africa.
They do. It's Section 8 housing.
They can, though, get them registered to vote. These days they don't have to do the actual voting themselves, unfortunately.
*weigh* not weight
Another problem is the very short-term outlook of Wall Street analysts. We used to weight short-term benefits against the long term outlook for a business. Now, if your company is publicly traded, it's all about earning for this quarter. While millions were losing jobs during the crash, analysts on CNBC were praising companies which laid off employees. They've actually criticized those which have hired large numbers of people.
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