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I don't recall the OWS looting, burning down businesses and firing shots at police and others, though.
The World Bank is involved because there is a great deal of money to be made in the global warming scam. Fortunately, people seem to be growing more skeptical of the outlandish claims made by Al Gore and his pals.
She is right. It's about time black activists started looking out for the interests of the average American, instead of covering Obama's backside. Of course, it would be nice if white liberal activists would do the same.
And don't forget that Obama also recently granted the Chinese the ability to get ten-year visas. All those STEM degree holders and other college grads who are unable to get jobs in their degree areas will owe him a great debt, too.
Millions of foreigners knowingly broke our laws and are being given not only a free pass from punishment for the law-breaking, but a reward. If they can break this law and come out unscathed and in fact in a better position, why should any American citizens follow the laws of this nation? How do we know which ones are for show and which ones are to be enforced? Obama, and his minions in Congress and the courts, have made a mockery of the Constitution and our system of laws.
We all know Obama had no constitutional authority to issue this executive order. Now, Congress, do your job and get to work figuring out how to stop it. Of course, that assumes that you actually want to and you know what they say about assumptions....
I'm afraid you will be proven right. It doesn't matter how many Americans are hurt or how the Constitution is shredded, just as long as the Chamber of Commerce, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, the DNC and all the other amnesty-supporting wealthy individuals, groups and businesses get what they want. And they want a cheaper labor force, at not only the bottom but at all economic levels, and a more compliant electorate.
And who is going to enforce these "tough" requirements for illegals? No one. No amnesty, no path to citizenship....nothing for people who broke our laws and have been, in many cases, breaking them for years. This is a sovereign nation and should be very particular about whom we allow to enter and become a resident of this nation.
Amen! This interpretation of the 14th amendment is insane.
No, you support amnesty because that's what good little Obamabots do.
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No Will to Fight

Reaganite12 Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 3:22 PM
Just read that most Republicans have left for home, after being unable to come to an agreement on a strategy to fight Obama's unconstitutional amnesty order. You're certainly right about Republicans lacking the will to fight.
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