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Obama's ebola program is for Africa, not the United States. So, yes, they were right.
Then why are they still allowing in flights from countries with ebola outbreaks and why is the border wide open? Seems like this administration is fine with it.
Why exactly are we allowing flights in from Liberia??? This policy is insane. But, then, so is our open border.
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Millennials Still Want to Marry

Reaganite12 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 3:07 PM
You mention that men are falling behind women in number of degrees and employment success. You neglect to mention, however, that there are advantages to being a woman in this country now. This is certainly true for employment; if you're a woman or minority (even better, both) you are in a much better position than if you're a white male. And, in schools, the female personality is considered normal; the male personality is given Adderall. Don't forget that the attitudes of millennial women are important, too. If you don't believe you want children, think cooking (even splitting up the duties half/half) is beneath you, believe you're better than the young men around you because your special status helped you get the plum job over them, want to find someone who makes a lot of money, and expect to be treated like some character in a chick flick or fairy tale....good luck finding a quality young man to marry. And this is coming from a woman, BTW.
You know things are upside down when the American Psychiatric Association is considering making introversion a symptom of personality disorder, yet transgenderism is not now considered a disorder in their classification system.
I guess I'm a little confused here. According to your graph, Tillis' numbers have gone down with respect to Hagan's over the last month. They seem to have both improved their numbers slightly in the last week or so, but at the same rate of change.
God's promise is not that we won't have sickness and other calamities in our lives. This is a fallen world and we all experience times of tribulation. His promise is that He will give us strength and comfort during such times. And if we do die from one of these illnesses or disasters, we have the assurance of eternal life with Him. I know you disagree with all of this and will post some snarky answer, but there it is. Unlike Muslims, Christians won't behead you if you disagree with us.
I do believe hell has frozen over. I agree with you, gw.
He posted videos of women being stoned and whipped for their transgressions, and from some co-workers we hear the story that he was espousing that same sort of treatment be applied to women here.
You should be, since liberals like you tend to expect the government to protect you. Good luck with that!
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