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The country, based on the midterm election results, wants to do a 180 from Obama's policies. Funny, I don't remember you pushing this moderation-end the gridlock-compromise kumbaya garbage before your party lost the Senate and lost seats in the House last month.
They know they'll control the Senate in January and they already control the House. Why couldn't they have passed a bill that only ran through the end of January? Obviously, they didn't want to.
The idea of a government shutdown upsets the political class much more than it does the taxpaying American citizen. The idea of the government shutting down is actually a quite attractive idea for many of us these days.
Too bad most of the Republican Party is on the same side as Obama....for the illegal aliens and against the average American. I don't know how much longer Americans are going to put up with becoming second class citizens in their own country. Looks like the Germans are even starting to get sick of it.
Well, since the Tea Party groups didn't really get started under after Dear Leader started showing his true colors and desire to ruin the country, its hard to blame them for anything happening before 2009. Also, in case it's escaped your notice, your beloved would-be dictator has kept the wars going and even added some more (Arab Spring, anyone?). And his Obamacare will add more to the national debt than any program in the past 50 years, if not repealed. Balanced budgets? Ha, the Dems controlling the senate haven't even passed a budget in how long now?
I'd worry more about the GOP establishment style making election of non-Democrat presidents unlikely. They've been outstanding in that capacity for the last two election cycles.
Obviously, that was another superb suggestion by John Hawkins. Did you expect him to promote ideas to help Obama's "fundamental transformation" of the country? I'd like you to cite some examples of Obama compromising with the Republicans in Congress (situations where the Republicans caved to Obama don't count, BTW).
Same at the company where I used to work. All salaried employees were expected to donate to United Way so that the corporation could look good. Two of us in my department were called in one day to explain to our department head why we hadn't donated yet. We both said we believed in charity but that our donations should go to groups we choose; we both had to donate the minimum for the sake of our careers. I was told I could choose which organization under the UW umbrella my contribution would go to, but later found out it all went to UW with no restrictions. Since leaving that job, I have not donated a dime to United Way and never will.
I agree with most of what you say. It is also a party problem, though. Those running both parties have a lot of common interests. They seem to be working together to divide and conquer Americans. Politicians of both parties, in general, don't give a fig about what Americans have to say, unless they're able to give them big donations or other benefits. The corruption is in the parties and their leadership. Our Founding Fathers warned us about the dangers of a two-party system. They were right.
When commenting on an article, it's always good policy to RTFA.
I suspect good old gw has Washington connections....contracts, lobbying, whatever. The current political situation is good for his wallet and the pols in power are following policies that benefit him. The heck with the country. What does he care? He's rehabbing his new property in Belize. (rolleyes)
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