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He was supposedly forced upon Reagan. He certainly didn't want him.
Thanks for pointing out the facts about inflation. As for the stock market, it's easy to bubble when the Fed makes you practically the only game in town due to artificially low interest rates.
Gruber is an unapologetic liar? He does serve the Obamacare administration, you know. This should come as no surprise. These people don't care if there are transcripts and videos exposing the lies. They know the presstitutes in the "major" media won't out them.
Who reads newspapers these days, especially since most are left-leaning like the Post-Dispatch? You find a much greater variety of opinion and better coverage of issues on the internet.
Excellent point. We have our own problems.
It was fought because of cultural and economic differences (agricultural south, manufacturing north, tariffs, etc.) and the fact that southerners believed strongly in states' rights. Most northerners didn't really care about the slavery issue and most southerners didn't own slaves.
(6) It's just plain unconstitutional.
David Horowitz is right: Republicans don't seem to have the stomach for a real fight anymore. We need another Lee Atwater who isn't afraid to mix it up with the Chicago Machine types, not the above-the-fray cocktail circuit types running the party these days.
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What If Democracy Is a Fraud?

Reaganite12 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 11:08 PM
"What if we have only one political party -- the Big Government Party -- and it has a Democratic wing and a Republican wing?" We do. Thanks for a great article, Judge Napolitano.
I truly wish some of the idiots in Congress (and the POTUS) cared nearly as much about American citizens as they do about illegal alien invaders. We wouldn't be having this problem. The invaders would be sent home immediately. That 2008 human trafficking law wasn't intended to give asylum to these illegal "minors" any more than the 14th amendment was intended to give citizenship to anchor babies.
First Remington announced plans to move from NY (IIRC) to Alabama; now Beretta is moving from Maryland to Tennessee. Good for both of them! It only makes sense to move to a region where people appreciate your products and the right to bear them.
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