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It would work if the current crop of Republican leaders had a spine or real convictions. Sadly, they don't.
Sounds about right, except that it was a strong arm robbery.
That endorsement doesn't mean what it once did. The Chamber of Commerce acts like a branch of La Raza.
Somehow, I don't believe that bigdawg is expected to come up with a plan for ebola. The director of the CDC, on the other hand, is. Understand the difference?
Over 60% of Kentuckians disagree with you....there was certainly a choice other than Obama.
I heard they have Trey Grayson on video admitting that Grimes was just saying she supported coal because she has to in order to get elected. Hope that's true and there's a related ad coming. Not that I care for Mitch, but he's the lesser of the two evils.
Yes, Brent is a useful idiot.
If I came from Chicago, I would be careful about throwing those stones.
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