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I would be a little more upset about the knockout punch had his fiancee not chosen to marry him afterwards.
Even the new Miss America has connections to the abortion industry. She worked for Planned Parenthood in New York. Her LinkedIn profile says she was responsible for "delivery of programs in local public schools, teaching children about mutual respect & self-esteem" and "conducted research on Planned Parenthood Education." This explains a lot. She was (IMHO) the least attractive of the 12 semi-semi-finalists and her red cup "talent" performance was painful to watch.
Pretty much all of them were on board with Obamacare. Now, when they're not getting the income they expected they know the taxpayer is forced by the law to bail them out. I don't know what they think will happen once the liberals push the system to single payer. I guess the CEOs think they'll be on to another lucrative position and don't really care.
They need to change Vermont's nickname to the Nanny State. We used to have bake sales at our elementary school fairly frequently during lunch and everyone loved them. Very few children at my schools were overweight. Of course, we had two recesses since busybodies and ambulance chasers hadn't put an end to that yet. Also, we tended to play outside a lot instead of being glued to a smartphone or video game.
I believe the answer to that would be zero. Liberals tend to be hypocrites, from my observations.
And just where are these civilized Muslim countries located?
Nancy, you need to resume your botox treatments, bless your heart.
Maybe someday you establishment types will wake up and face reality. It's not conservatives (there really is no one Tea Party, anyway) hurting your candidates. They're doing it themselves by their wishy-washy, crony corporatist, conservative-demonizing actions.
She also has the example of Sen. Claire McCaskill, who billed taxpayers for flights made on a private corporate plane owned by McCaskill and her husband. She paid the back taxes owed to Missouri and reimbursed the taxpayer funds, and all was forgiven.
You're completely wrong, gw. Kentuckians have seen McConnell go milquetoast on issues that concern them; they had to bring him back in line through calls (amnesty, for one). And you can say the same thing about the Republican establishment: maybe if they attacked Democrats they way they go after conservative primary foes the Republican Party would win in a landslide this fall.
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