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Well, let's look at the record for the last couple of elections: 2008 - moderate Republican candidate loses. 2012 - moderate Republican candidate loses. I believe that recent history disproves your theory.
You're so right: it's a pain getting past some of those kiosks and we sure don't need any additional pushy idiots hassling us. Maybe I'll do all my shopping online this year.
Glad to see good people helping this lady get her business going again after it was looted by thugs. I feel so sorry for the decent people of all races in Ferguson and the surrounding area. The politicians shouldn't have held the police and National Guard back Monday night and this wouldn't have happened.
This is absurd: illegals are already getting welfare, food stamps, disability and a myriad of other taxpayer-provided free programs. They get them now, they'll get them if Obama's unconstitutional action isn't reversed.
This would be a truly stupid move by the Republican Party. Most Americans are furious about Obamacare. Remember Romneycare? It seems logical that the candidate should be someone with a record of complete opposition to Obamacare, not someone who signed on to a similar program in Massacusetts. Romney lost in 2012. What makes the party leaders so confident things would be different four years later? No, thanks.
They certainly weren't in Ferguson. And Jay...how about keeping the "protesters" off the interstates and bridges? That would be great, too.
Seems like the National Guard was used by Nixon as it was in previous riots in Ferguson: they were only used to guard the police department.
The owners didn't, though. And many, if not most, of the violent ones causing the destruction are out-of-towners from the New Black Panther Party and other similar groups. Many of the residents in Ferguson are law-abiding and have turned in the troublemakers. Then the powers-that-be let them back out.
That pansy is in the back pocket of Obama and Holder. He's doing what his handlers tell him, apparently. Good job, Jay Nixon: call out the National Guard well before the verdict, then don't even use them. You'd think shutting down an interstate highway would at least be cause for sending in the Guard.
I don't recall the OWS looting, burning down businesses and firing shots at police and others, though.
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