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This is the kind of idiocy you have to deal with when you elect a communist. New Yorkers who voted for him deserve whatever they get, though I feel sorry for the minority who didn't.
Agreed. This is about the only website I frequent that has this problem, especially to this extent. If they don't know how to stop it, they should hire someone who does.
Interesting that Anonymous hackers are the ones pushing for justice in this case. If it weren't for their hacking the FB accounts of suspects and sending a lot of useful information to the FBI, this case would probably be totally ignored. Kudos to the hackers!
You know, at some point white people are going to have to start taking up for their own. Unless we've become totally suicidal, that is. How could "white hotheads" make the situation any worse?
Michael Brown should be remembered? He shouldn't be dead? He was a thug who pushed around a very small older Indian man in a convenience store after stealing merchandise. Then he committed suicide-by-cop after trying to take the cop's gun. That kind of behavior doesn't merit being remembered and often leads to death.
You must have missed the memo: black people can't be racist.
He took himself out, thankfully.
She, Rolling Stone and "Jackie" should all be sued by the fraternity. There's no excuse for this. Damage was done and the perpetrators should be held responsible.
Yes, Kentucky is a southern state. Who made you the arbiter of which states are southern and which are not? Louisville is roughly divided into two parts, one being more southern and one more midwestern. Louisville is not representative of the state, though, which is southern in tradition and culture. Many southern cities are less "southern" than the smaller towns and rural areas, though.
Do "journalists" generally get do-overs on lying stories written with an agenda? She should be fired.
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