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What do you mean their home countries won't accept these criminal illegals? If they want foreign aid or commerce with us, they'll take their miscreants back. Problem solved.
No surprise here. The Kaiser Foundation is liberal and has been in favor of Obamacare all along. A poll can get whatever results you want, if you choose your sample well and word the questions the right way. The Republicans need to repeal Obamacare and then come up with a solution to the real problems in healthcare: tort reform, providing some type of pool for those who can't get coverage, selling plans across state lines (free market, anyone?) and making health insurance more portable so you're not tied to a job for fear of losing your healthcare. There are some real issues that need to be addressed, but Obamacare is NOT the answer. It needs to be eliminated in its entirety, not enabled.
They do when the Democrats win. The Republicans? Not so much, at least to this point.
Conservatives need to unite behind Comer or Bevin. The other one needs to drop out. The Republican Party has been handing the governorship of Kentucky to the Democrats time after time, either through not grooming good candidates or stupid scandals. Kentucky is a conservative state and will elect a Republican again if they have a good, conservative candidate. The Democrat candidate always runs on a conservative platform, too. The non-Louisville credentials will help in eastern and western Kentucky, too, if only one of them runs in the primary.
"In a 48-hour period, over 700 church buildings were burned, hundreds of Christians were confirmed killed, more than 3,100 Christian-operated businesses, schools, and shops were burned, and over 3,400 Christian homes were destroyed. Thousands of Muslim youths in 12 states with machetes, knives, matches and gasoline carried out this pogrom.” Let me guess: their mamas all said they were good boys who didn't do nothin'. Next thing you know, Obama will be flying them over here, too.
Illegal aliens don't even have a right to BE here, much less have a right to work or a right to receive taxpayer-funded benefits. Unfortunately for the American people (the legal ones who actually DO have a right to live here), both parties are complicit in letting this farce go on.
Actually, we do have an answer to your question, Matt: the border is not secure and hasn't been for years. The Republicans had better emphasize truly protecting our border and enforcing the laws, rather than rubber stamping the funding of DHS. If those agents aren't allowed to protect the border, you could send a million agents there and the border would be open.
Generally, that is a good rule to follow. If Obama's for it, it's nearly always bad for the country and the American people.
Conservatives were never for his release. There were questions about his allegiance from his fellow soldiers back at the time. The ones in favor of the exchange of this deserter for five Taliban terrorists were Obama and you Obamabot types. You've shown yourself to be the ignorant one.
Sorry, just not buying it. Maybe I know and interact with too many millennials to believe they're a new Victorian generation, although the Victorians weren't all that proper in reality. Also, these rosy crime stats you cite are probably as doctored as our government economic stats. Does anyone really feel safer these days?
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