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Do "journalists" generally get do-overs on lying stories written with an agenda? She should be fired.
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Grimes To Paul: I'll See You In Court

Reaganite12 Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 3:31 AM
The Republicans control the Kentucky Senate. And Dr. Paul is no moron.
Santa was booted from the "winter" concert (are they honestly celebrating winter?) because "someone complained." Therein lies the problem that we're seeing across the United States: some crank, usually a leftist control freak, complains about some perceived problem. The school board or corporation or city or other entity promptly caves as quickly as the Republican leadership. The country becomes more intolerant and less free. Wash, rinse, repeat.
"America in the mid-20th century was a nation of cultural conformity, shaped by common experiences in depression and world war. America now is a nation of cultural diversity, allowing behavior that used to seem deviant." And there is the whole problem. After several decades of worshipping at the altars of multiculturalism, diversity and moral relativism, as well as adding tens of millions of third world inhabitants, our once-cohesive nation is adrift. Culture will always be important.
I would be even more outraged if the majority of Republicans hadn't just voted to fund Obama's amnesty shenanigans through next September. Obama isn't our only problem.
You know the drill, don't you?
And they'll get that butt-kicking, too.
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Boehner Bombs the Base

Reaganite12 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 11:40 PM
Gowdy voted for Cromnibus.
While it wouldn't surprise me overly much if you are a confidant of Boehner, I do doubt that you are. And since when did you and the average poster on this website agree on much of anything?
The country, based on the midterm election results, wants to do a 180 from Obama's policies. Funny, I don't remember you pushing this moderation-end the gridlock-compromise kumbaya garbage before your party lost the Senate and lost seats in the House last month.
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