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He was reportedly only working for the McConnell campaign in order to better position Rand Paul for a presidential run in 2016. It's not that he's a McConnell fan. Rand Paul endorsed McConnell over the more conservative Matt Bevin in the primary, probably for the same reason.
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Report: ISIS Studying Mexican Border

Reaganite12 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 12:08 PM
How could anyone be surprised by this? The Mexican Army has made incursions into US territory, with no repercussions. The Mexican drug cartels seem to operate with impunity along our southern border. MS-13 gangbangers are increasing their numbers in our once-sovereign nation. Anyone who so desires can saunter across the border and stay here, with the well wishes of Obama and all their fondest desires paid for by the American taxpayer. The Border Patrol has been turned into a babysitting service and told not to stop invaders. What could possibly go wrong here?
God bless that Texas lady. Great story!
News reports in Ferguson said that when Al passed around the donation plate, he was booed. Maybe they are waking up to his lies and profiteering from tragedy - finally.
Thanks for providing the truth about the signers. For them, freedom was certainly not free. We owe them a great debt.
And where else in the world could women vote, Kyle? Also, while I wish slavery had never existed here, it has existed worldwide. It existed before this country was founded and after we outlawed slavery. Honestly, I'm not sure we don't need some sort of requirement to vote besides breathing (and, in the cases of dead people who vote each election, that's not even required). Maybe you should have some responsibility and "skin in the game," such as paying taxes or owning land (and paying property taxes) as a requirement for voting. There's a problem when people living off various entitlements have the same vote as those who pay the bills: there will come a tipping point where there are more people voting themselves freebies than there are those paying for them.
Great post. BTW, I love your username. That story should be read by everyone, especially today with the leftist focus shifting from equality of opportunity to equality of outcome.
Rebecca is still in high school. I figure she's afraid to say too much until she's graduated and safe from retribution. One or more of her teachers this year might be friends of the leftist stooge.
It's not that the information is inaccurate. It's that so much important history is being left out in order to promote an agenda (apparently) that the American Revolution didn't really change anything in the United States. I believe most Americans who lived at that time would disagree. They now had a constitutional republic instead of a monarchy. They had a vote and a say-so in how the country was run. And, back then, states were much more powerful in comparison to the federal government. This made the average citizen much more power than he has now. There are always going to be wealthy people and those who are more influential. It wasn't like the French Revolution, obviously: would you have preferred that??
Get off the drugs and back to reality. You're not winning any arguments by presenting lies as facts.
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