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I believe the actual amount they will receive, stolen from the pockets of taxpaying Americans, will be much larger than $9182/yr. These estimates are always too low. But, then again, their cheap, abundant, subservient labor is a windfall for the industries and wealthy individuals using them. So it's all good, right?
Too bad more of our Washington politicians don't have Ms. Dash's gumption!
She certainly does. It drives them crazy, too.
You aren't fit to lick her boots, you disgusting socialist worm. I've noticed quite a few comments of your "can't wait till the haters die off" type in different forums, obviously from socialists/fascists of the type trying to take over the country. Well, here's one for you all: we'd all be better off if the socialist, America-hating types would pass on and take their intolerance, hate and inability to think logically with them.
There are many millions of us who agree with you, Joel. Too bad the prostitutes (sorry, politicians) in Washington disagree.
Not to worry, Obama. I'm sure the usual Republican wimps in the senate will help their Democrat friends find some way to overcome these setbacks.
We have the worst labor participation rate since 1978, when far fewer women sought employment. Most of the few jobs created have been filled by foreigners, not Americans. New business startups are the lowest in 30 years. But, in other news, the chocolate ration increased from 30 grams/week last year to 25 grams/week this year. Sad when Orwell's fictional dystopia so resembles our own.
The CEO of Gallup explained the Big Lie about the unemployment rate rather well: http://www.gallup.com/opinion/chairman/181469/big-lie-unemployment.aspx
He's up for reelection in less than two years.
Don't forget Jeff Flake and Orrin Hatch, to name just a couple more.
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