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Castro is dead?.. Did I not get the memo?
The current president of the USA is pathetic.. One more week.. Well.. January. There may be hope for us yet.
Well his contributors got paid..
Well we know a couple of things.. Romney is a successful businessman. In the private sector we know that if you don't take in more than you put out, you fail. So there's that. And as the media likes to tell you that as Governor of MA they had almost the slowest decrease in the unemployment rate.. But what they don't like to tell you is that when you have just about the lowest unemployment rate it's kind of difficult.. Because pretty much anybody that wants to work, has a freakin' job!!
Was that the laminated pamphlet he was holding the other day?
"Obama's New Jobs Plan: Create a Secretary of Business" I laughed out loud reading that one.. :-) Al Hall
As I posted elsewhere. Right out of the Socialist playbook. Distract, deflect.. Congress: By law we are entitled to see all information pertaining to this. Give us all of the documents. Left: We are perfectly willing to do so, no reason for legal action. Congress: Then give us the documents. Left: We are perfectly willing to negotiate for them. No problem. Look, we will give you 1% of them right now. Congress: Give us the documents!! Left: This is just a witch hunt! They are just angry about "us" because we are trying to preserve the rights of all people (didn't say legal) to vote. Congress: Give us the documents!!! Left: The Republicans are being unreasonable! Distract and deflect. It's in their playbook.
Yep.. Did it two years ago and will do it again this year. I vote out of FL23 and did my part to get Debbie Wassername Sh!!tz out but to no avail.. Let us this time hit this one out of the park. If you have a couple of bucks to spare then consider Karen Harrington. I know it is fun having DWS to laugh at but let's send that witch packing.. http://www.karenforcongress.com/
“Taliban Republican”?.. What?? As you think Romney is an idiot, could you please offer examples of why you believe that? And assuming you support the re-election of Obama, could you offer examples of why you would prefer that over trying someone new?
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