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Mile High Idea: Smoke Dope, Build Schools

Readmikedrinksam Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 2:58 AM
Which of his arguments were ridiculous nonsense? Just curious. Since you want him to be specific with facts why don't you get specific about which arguments are ridiculous nonsense. And then follow your own advice and provide the facts to back up your ridiculous nonsense. Your post reads like the rant of a five year old brat who didn't get his way at the cookie jar. Oh, wait, you did say you're not a republican; that explains it.

I hate to start something here with a trite phrase. But sometimes you read about things that make you wonder what some people are smoking.

In Colorado this year a cabal of known associates is getting together to try to legalize the sale, cultivation and possession of marijuana under what’s known as Amendment 64.

Their pitch says that by state regulation and control of dope deals, the consequent revenue collected can benefit K-12 education in the state, now under tight budget constraints.

Yeah, you heard that right: Make pot legal and build schools with the first $40 million in...