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The Box Office must be running low on flops.
I love the art student who want funding for art. In other words. Even if we think your art sucks you want the government to take our money from us to give to you so you can make your crummy art.
It doesn't matter that these igonranuses don't know how much the rich are already taxed. If you told them the rich pay 99% of all their income they'd tell you that the President should raise their tax by 1%. The people interviewed here have either forgotten what America is about or they never learned... or their just jealous that they suck at life and want everybody else to be miserable along with them.
Very optimistic take on the upcoming election. He's wrong though. Obama will be re-elected. I've seen the President on TV a thousand times in the past few months and have seen Romney just a handful of times. The USA should be re-named USA High School. The Presidential election is a popularity contest and Americans vote for the image that has been burned into their cerebral cortex by the electrons fired off from their televisions. But just so you know, I'll be ecstatic if I'm proven wrong in November.
Unbelievable. The Supreme Court just upheld (and accelerated) the decline of the US. We've been sold out by the very ones supposed to lead us.
...if you don't agree to debate, you are not allowed on the ballot. No advertisements outside of the debates... period. The system we have now has turned our national elections into high school elections where we put the most popular instead of the most qualified in power. Can you think of any recent politicians who were elected because they were cool or hip? I can. Our campaign finance law is broke and as goes campaign finance law so goes our Nation. If you want to get on a blog and profess your undying love for a particular candidate... do it. If you want to raise Billions of dollars from China, Pakistan, India, Europe and others via Super-PACs... I say hell no.
Should foreigners be able to use their resources or pool their money and produce political speech (in our country)? Because that's what the current law now allows. It may not explicitly allow it, but it has established the conditions for that to happen. And it's all good while it benefits Republicans, but only a fool would believe that Republicans will continue to be the ones to benefit from this given the entire rest of the world's affinity for socialism. Anyway, the answer to your question is that people should be able to express 'themselves' with their own resources. Pooling of money should be restricted as should campaign advertising. That's my opinion. In fact, I would like to see campaigns that only consist of debates.
Yes, and those people cast their "individual" votes at the ballot box like you and me. Wal-Mart does not cast a ballot.
Depends what they're voting for. Saturday's special or our future leaders? Because if it is for our future leaders than you'll wind up with someone like Oprah as President. No thanks.
No, McCain is exceptionally arrogant. He arrogantly flings is POW status in everybody's face when he has not other valid argument. There are levels of arrogance. He's not "as" arrogant as the President. But he is arrogant. And can you really blame him? I imagine if I were stuck in a fortified sh!+ factory for 5 years and survived I'd come out of that with a chip on my shoulder. Still, for those of us who never had the pleasure it does get old listening to him rub it in our faces all the time.
Why is any liberal ever re-elected? How did Al Franken get elected in the first place? McCain might not be the best of Republicans, but he's much less worse then the ones who do have 'D' beside their names.
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