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Good Money: Why Rep. Kevin Brady's Sound Dollar Act Worries Barney Frank

rdsefert Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 9:40 AM
You are right return to the gold standard would force the federal government to live within its means. As Goldline says you can`t print more gold.

Why is Rep. Barney Frank rounding up his liberal legislative militia to oppose the Sound Dollar Act of 2012? This is a bill recently introduced by Rep. Kevin Brady, top Republican on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee. It is co-sponsored by 31 of his House colleagues and has a Senate counterpart from Utah’s Mike Lee.

A panicked Rep. Frank snapped to immediately. He rounded up 26 liberal democrats to sign a letter of opposition. “We believe strongly that the dual mandate should be maintained, and we believe that the Federal Reserve’s actions in pursuit of that mandate have...