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Netanyahoo has a goood plan.
The Germans need to be on alert.
Would the Holder/Obama/Jarrett team declare war on themselves?
How many FOX viewers have had to view other channels? FOX and DISH need to get this contract settled. A pox on both of them!
DISH would have continued to run FOX News broadcasts while negotiations were occurring but FOX refused. It could be that it is FOX News that is abusing its customers.
I wonder how the entire situation may have been less fearful, if the first policeman who arrived in a bicycle had been armed?
What can Obama claim as a "success" and not be telling a lie?
I think that Tennessee has that program. Why should it not be a state program funded by the states?
ABC. Anybody But Clinton!!!
It is a shame. McDonnell could have been a contender. My feeling is that his wife may have led him astray.
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