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Why was there not a contingency plan available for Benghazi?
How can this be? Isn't it time that the USA reconquered Mexico and cleaned it up? The last time we did that, we purchased the land from Texas to California from them for $10 million. Then we gave them back the rest of the country. This time we should not give it back, but instead wipe out all the cartels and then slowly purge government of corruption. Mexico could become a protectorate and eventually about six states.
Check Michelle's pockets.
Is that what Joan Rivers meant?
There in no longer a need for anyone to carry the burden of white guilt. Al Sharpton has assumed that burden for all whites. He is, shall we say, a savior?
Al Sharpton is the senior intellectual of MSNBC. What passes for wisdom on MSNBC, passes as gas elsewhere.
If only the fence at the White House could keep the criminals inside.
A management expert is needed and that is what he is.
When Pancho Villa did this sort of thing, the USA knew how to respond. They sent the young Patton to lead a mission against Pancho within Mexican borders.
Maybe we should just allow Syria to fight against ISIL.
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