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Mr Johnson, you have my great respect sir for standing up!!! you are not only a patriot but you are also blessed with good guys in your team like Tebow... best wishes
Bravo!!! Very Well Said and True Patriot!!!!
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Obama's Old-World Arrogance

rdickson Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 4:16 PM
Amen everyone!! I am catholic and i cannot for the love of God understand why would any christian vote for someone who represents against everything the churches teaches and believes...why?????
i am voting for a man who represent the real america in heart in in deed... he was riding a bike in a suit in tie the word of God so, if that offend you, i am confuse why Obama's lie and pandering doesn't? what's wrong with america???
common sense, i would rather have a president that favors adoption than killing the unborn!!! it's just a choice between good and evil... looks like you made your choice.. goodluck with that because we all need it...
does it make u feel so bad that mitt acts like a human being "few times in his life'? what have you done??? what has your president has done apart from ripping this country apart? in his private life apart from coniving with chicago thugs to make bucks??? what has he done in his life?????? maybe you should ask yourself that and maybe, just maybe, you will see a hint of light ....
ask Obama and Michelle if they still have licenses to practice law or not if their licenses have been revoked because of malpractice.....
how sad nomo.... i feed sad for u.. u are a hopeless case... wake up before it's too late..
bullseye.. spread the word tks
these garbage news have been proving wrong ... stop spreading lies or believing the lies that liberal media are spreading around... do ur own research for heavens sake.. try to act like and think like u learned something from school...
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