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Obama to Boehner: 'I Will Use Inaugural Address, State of the Union to Blame GOP'

rdemonteverde Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 5:28 PM
Luckily for Obama Boehner did not cry. Seriously, just get that cry baby out there , NOW. The Republicans need somebody tougher. Not afraid to go toe to toe with this thug for a President. Boehner is a disgrace. I know he means well, but he is not facing somebody who is serious to solving the problem. Many people are already saying Obama wants the country fall off the fiscal cliff What he wants is to rub the Republican noses in humiliation
Gabriela8 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 5:37 PM
That's right, rdemonteverde. But whether it's Boehner, Cantor, Linsay Graham, Paul Ryan, or Jesus Christ Himself (especially Him), Obama isn't budging. He doesn't want a deal, he wants an angle. He wants political damage. He wants to deliver the knock-out punch (to the opponents). The Repubs should call this for what it is: political theater, not governance.
upwithRomney Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 5:59 PM
I think that we have called it that and a few other things. We have stopped trying to be strategic and representative of the U.S. and started to just try to ruin everything. I am still a conservative but I am damned sure that I am not a Republican anymore.

Statesmanship at its finest: during fiscal cliff talks, President Obama reportedly told Speaker Boehner that he would use his two major speeches in January to blame Republicans for the stalled deal. According to the Wall Street Journal, the president wasn't too happy with the options House Republicans were willing to present, and made it clear he was willing to throw the GOP under the bus for the nation's financial woes.

Mr. Obama repeatedly lost patience with the speaker as negotiations faltered. In an Oval Office meeting last week, he told Mr. Boehner that if the sides didn't...