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Even the Republicans should have stayed just to show respect. Just how important is their appointment not to honor the victim`s families ? I do not expect anything from those Democratic scums but for the GOP to not respect the mother and the father shows they are all the same.
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Coup Underway in Egypt

rdemonteverde Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 5:38 PM
So many events have happened around the world with our Ditherer in Chief more as an observer and bystander than as Commander in Chief.
Afro Americans should be insulted for being used by gays as stepping stones. What the gays are undergoing through is nothing what the African Americans went through in discrimination and harassment. But you are right. There is a tremendous work ahead. Only an alert population and willing to fight back can stop this forced abomination down our throats to stop.
Funny but I came across this article by accident. Never heard about it in the presstituting media. It just shows that if conservatives and people of faith unite and show the politicians how united they can be, no force on earth can stop them. Liberals operate by deceit and lies. Only an alert populace can warn the rest of the country.
Only children would believe such garbage. Not even children. Show me your secrets and only if you show yours first. And the ditherer in chief falls for it.
What brilliance. What perception. Who would have thought death was part of life. Which makes the Democrat Party the party of such deep thinkers. Nobody ever thought of that before. Just like the Honorable Hank Johnson now proven theory that Guam would sink back to the sea if you add more military personnel and their families. Just like Obama and his 57 states.
Agreed. Only if the people are outrage rise in unison shouting enough.
Only a concerted public outrage can balance out the Media presstitutes. This is your future now involved, America. Who knows what other scandals are being hidden from you.
It is just the rebelliousness. As they say in the 60`s do not trust anybody above the age of 30. Unfortunately the country suffers. Plus the hip hop generation, the black and Hispanic youth, having this image of Republicans as white, rich old male. Also institutions like the Church, have lost the young.
Usually when you open ease your immigration rules it is because you want to attract people because of the abundance of jobs but fewer people to fill it. But now because the Democrats want to add more to their political base they want to attract more immigrants. Are people in this country prefer to go on unemployment and food stamps because they do not want to work with their hands ?
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