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You will need at least 30 states before anyone makes headway on this - and this is precisely what you could expect when the states abrogated their right to representation in the Federal government by ratifying the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. The Senate would be a whole different place if the 17th Amendment were repealed.
One more than half way there - where are the other 24? I suppose we might discount Hawaii - they aren't crossing "that" border.
The "Congressional" Budget Office is part of the Obama administration - me thought they belonged to Congress - otherwise it would have been the "Executive Budget Office."
It would be even nicer if they weren't in cahoots with the socialists - but it's all about party power - it's never been about the Citizens or the Constitution.
No one ever mentions the prime rolls that Pelosi and Reid were the principal cause of "ObamaCare" - he merely signed the bill - and then - against the Constitutional authority of a president - he's 'fiddled' with it - failing, as in most cases of U.S. law - to enforce the law as written.
How many elections do we have to go through - but you are wrong - Obama got elected twice - One might admit that they were suckered the first time - but twice?
It was never about health care or the cost of healthcare - it was about control by the Socialists
what economy - sellers of Chinese goods? The wealth of Wall Street and Bankers?
IF you separate out Medicaid - how much is the cost? YES - we do know it is the welfare state that is sinking the treasury ship
Obama and most of his minions and those stools on the hill - what do they care - they're covered.
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