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Obama's Recovery Sure Looks Like Recession

rchrusniak Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 5:02 AM
Debate? Duh? Dems don't debate, It's a no brainer, The Economy is in the dumps and heading for the economic cemetery but the Dems would have us censured (Fox News and Talk Radio are the target of Obama criticisms of not cooperating with the Big Government while all of the other major news media lackeys are.) for not agreeing with them. These are genuinely perlious times for America and its real freedom.

In the brave new world of Barack Obama, the media breathlessly report all of the economic data with a positive spin. On Friday, as the unemployment rate increased for the second straight month, the liberal media was telling us this was good news.

Is a higher unemployment rate of 7.9 percent really good news? According to the Associated Press, it was an “upbeat” report. Yet, this unemployment figure is high by historical standards and is higher than the rate at the start of the Obama administration.

The new labor report shows that there...

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