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Yes, it's important to have health insurance. it's also important to have a job and not be a burden on the taxpayer. That way, you can buy your own insurance, and not expect others to subsidize it.
Just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean it is something you should do, or that you can't get hurt doing it. You may have a right to climb a mountain. But you may not be up to the task. Judging whether or not you are physically up to a task is far different than being denied the right to do it. Don't exploit a tragic situation to attack a right that is crucial to protecting our liberties. It just ain't right.
We know why the attack happened, they were running guns to Syria.
Just how many live Democrats are there? I doubt enough to win an election. Now the dead ones, that's another story!
You had me there for awhile, This is typical of the kind of foolishness I have come to expect from this administration. But I didn't get all the way through before I thought I might be reading from the Onion. Good jab!
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