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Just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean it is something you should do, or that you can't get hurt doing it. You may have a right to climb a mountain. But you may not be up to the task. Judging whether or not you are physically up to a task is far different than being denied the right to do it. Don't exploit a tragic situation to attack a right that is crucial to protecting our liberties. It just ain't right.
We know why the attack happened, they were running guns to Syria.
Just how many live Democrats are there? I doubt enough to win an election. Now the dead ones, that's another story!
You had me there for awhile, This is typical of the kind of foolishness I have come to expect from this administration. But I didn't get all the way through before I thought I might be reading from the Onion. Good jab!
Obama reminds me of a confidence man with a pyramid scheme. All his elaborate deceptions are starting to fall apart now. The gullible are starting to realize that their money is gone. This is where the con artist usually skips town. But Obama with the power of the presidency will likely stay and force us to watch him wreck our lives. For the record, I knew what he was from the start.
CO2 is such a tiny fraction of the atmosphere that it makes no sense that it would have such a great effect. So why hasn't it? CO2 is rising, global temperature isn't. It doesn't track. None of the dire predictions made by you warmists have come true. It's just a hoax the socialists are trying to use to gain power. I am sick of our lives being part of some grand social experiment that has already failed everywhere it has been tried. The Constitution is what matters.
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Media Hides Auschwitz of the Innocents

rcarson Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 9:46 AM
It's a far cry from how they treated that crematory operator in Georgia. And he just did what he did to people who were already dead.
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Don’t Go Wobbly, GOP

rcarson Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 8:44 AM
OK, so we know that these hispanics vote mostly democrat, so what are you saying? Let 'em all in and give them citizenship. Sounds like suicide! Instead, why not elect a real conservative. It's the base we're losing. Instead of five conservatives running against one or two RINOs in the primary, and having our votes hopelessly split up, why don't the conservatives convene somewhere and decide who is going to be presented to the public in the primary. 1 true conservative against the RINO and we can win it. We will have a conservative with a conservative history and we will be on the right track, not capitulating to what we don't want. And when we have our choice, he/ she needs to shut up about rape abortion, a guaranteed vote killer.
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