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I will not support the elites who view me as an enemy because of what I believe, because they obviously live by a different set of rules.
Sorry, but I believe the jury is still out concerning the safety of GMO foods.
To see the real Obama, see how he reacts when he doesn't get his way.
Play the victim card some more as an excuse not to put the work in and actually better themselves. Boo hoo. Victims are forever suckers and useful tools for the elites to gain more power from.
Most of the "poor" in America have it better off than poor people in other countries. And the great thing about America is that you can make something of yourself, it just takes hard work and perseverance. Nearly anybody has a shot, and it's not anyone's fault but their own if they don't do the work to get ahead.
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War on Women

rcarpenter706 Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 5:28 AM
You play, you pay.
Catball, you are a moron. Learn what the Tea Party is really about, which is none of the stupid things you listed. Seriously, grow a brain.
Especially since everyone learns differently, and at different rates, than others.
Anyone who is paying attention knows that it's Obama's way or the highway.
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