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I agree with you, Romney himself was a moderate and showed that his whole career. If it wasn't the backlash of the women's rights after being forced to be against abortion he probably would be president instead of this retard
Terribly written article, and you should remember that areas with the most gun control have the highest rates of gun violence
Am I the only one who thinks that 500,000 or more would at least be more reasonable than a measly 250,000? It isn't that much when you factor in a small business, I bet the republicans would at least meet them half way if it was above 250,000, why is that the magic number here? It isn't that much
Boy, I sure am glad this failure will be credited to Obama. I would hate for any record books to place it in Romney
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Re-Elected Barack Obama: Come at Me

rbushey Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 5:29 PM
Obama with his useless medical care plans will tax EVERYONE either way, not taxing the moderately rich will just make people able to be employed by these companies which want to expand. When the market is bad, the opportunities are great
I'll admire those dems who have the insight to understand that they used filibusters up and down during the bush years, and won't try to change the rules in this case. If they did change it, there would be some big big changes as soon as republicans took over again. And I believe that will be 2016, if they put a moderate like the real Romney instead of the conservative dope we are all tired of
I thought it was extremely suspicious that the one who needs to answer questions resigned just before the hearing. And also interesting this possible affair was kept quiet until after the election
Hmm, it almost sounds good to me. Doesn't it sound like he has taken some of romneys ideas and adapted them?
That just means that no one is pursuing the democrats as hard since they have more power
If it were two per person then wouldn't it be double the votes taken? It's not though
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