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Yeah and all we had was PBY-12s, no satellites no SR-71s. japan wanted to attack us but they knew better. Had they come on to the US we may very well not been able to adequately defend ourselves. Iran would come, talk to me AFTER the first nuke lands in NY or Wash DC.
Duh! But he isn't a president, he is holding the office hostage. We need to take out WH back from this criminal and get a real leader. Just like to know where that's coming from?
Yeah, things got bad, then a little bit better and finally infinitely worse! ugh! what a disaster for the last how long? 20 years? And how long do you think it will take to recover from this? I shudder to think.
Well at least Wilson admitted he screwed up when he signed the FED law. FDR wouldn't admit to doing anything wrong, that I've ever read about. Yes he should have been impeached but it's a little late for that now. H-m-m I wonder if we can impeach a dead president?
unfortunately he is also a mentally ill liberal! Bad combination!
Winston Churchill was very opinionated on that subject. And I think you will find a lot of others whose voices were NOT listened to prior to WWII. There have BEEN no veiled threats, Iran has declared war on the US and Israel in plain terms, saying exactly what they want to do. Does the first nuke have to land before we take them seriously? I say take OUT the capacity to deliver the nuke and there will be no more threat. I mean is a nuke on America what it will take to treat them as the enemy? I sure hope not, but one never knows from the idiots out there who "want to wait and see". That is defensive, uh uh!
The cover up will not allow us to know. All we have is people. who knows? When the alphabet soup that has the info is adult enough to release it, we will know! Fat chance!
We are a nation of those who are proactive. It is what has made us great. WWII was brought about because people would not act on a perceived threat.
Oh yeah. The Iranian leader is delusional. What he needs is a task force to steam into the gulf of hormuz and give him a taste of things to come in a one day raid. Between the Patriot missiles, guns and planes, they would be in deep you know what. I'm sure Israel has early warning capability and will be able to counter missiles. Iran declared war, not once but mulitiple times with their rhetoric. Can they back it up? I don't think so. If they want to live in the 10th century, I am sure the US military along with its allies will be more than happy to oblige them! ha, ha!
They are the new KGB, face it, they are NOT the friend of the US. I have said that since 1959. I saw the implications before I was 10 years old and they have NOT changed. China has one goal; conquest of the world. They are arrogant enough to think they can and no one will stop them. When we get a president and not this JOKE, we will realize this truth.
You'll change your tune when the Nukes hit US soil. Would you rather us hit them first or them hit US first? If they have the capability, believe they have the will. They declared war on us more than two year ago. What is it going to take? Do we have to lose 1/3 of our country before everyone including you gets it!? Nuking Israel means nuking the rest of the region. Lebanon, Jordan and the so called Palestinian homeland. How far is it to Damascus from Jerusalem? 180 miles Amman Jordan is less than that. And which way does the wind blow off the Mediterranean sea? EAST! and how far is it to Mecca? Medina and Bagdad? If the fall out radius of one nuke is 200 miles, what's going to be included? Huh?
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