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i haven't seen any change for the better. Barry Zero plays a lot of golf but there has been no change and I don't see any hope. The worst president, the worst person who claims the title.
Why? As Mickey said in 1979; "Nuke 'em till they glow"
A no, I think a few retaliatory strikes into Iran are in order. Especially if we can find munitions factories. IEDs are the work of cowards who are afraid to face their enemy. They KNOW that will lose in a one on one battle.
Yep, he needs to be hot miked all the more. And then nullified and publicly humiliated before the whole world and sent to where he belongs; Mombasa, Kenya.
Let's be proactive and not reactive. If Iran is all talk they will prove it. If not, then they need to know the penalty for their talk.
Yeah me too. however, the latter three won't matter too much if we get nuked and are in denial that they can or cannot do it. Do you believe they showed the ISEA everything? I don't think so. They are permitted to lie for their own purposes and I am sure they have. Hitler, same, same.
Oh really, and how did you arrive at that conclusion or is this sarcasm? I elect for the latter!
Check again, News MAX and a few others. I have seen the words "Wipe Israel off the face of the map and Earth"
May radical Islam become an anathema in the modern world!
Yeah and all we had was PBY-12s, no satellites no SR-71s. japan wanted to attack us but they knew better. Had they come on to the US we may very well not been able to adequately defend ourselves. Iran would come, talk to me AFTER the first nuke lands in NY or Wash DC.
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